Ch 23 – IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting

So, I use these intro paragraphs to talk about things that are on my mind. Currently, I’m bothered by the issue of health care. I’ve been on Adderall most of my adult life and I would prefer to be on it. It acts as an antidepressant and helps me focus. I hate antidepressants because they simply make you feel like your slightly drunk on some weird chemical and it doesn’t help at all its just annoying. However, I find that when I have the motivation to be working on something I don’t get the blues. Adderall helps with this. While I was at NAPA and had insurance I found that the cost to get an appointment (not to mention actually finding a doctor that will prescribe a drug to you for an illness that you have been diagnosed with 3-4 times in your adult life is some how extremely hard) and then get an appointment with a … PCP to actually a script then to fill the script was absolutely not cost effective. This is mostly an amphetamine that is extremely cheap to manufacture. This is crazy as hell. Anyway, I found that I could the street drug ecstasy does basically the exact same thing and is with or without insurance, much cheaper and more convenient for me to get. I have no idea why this is. I don’t worry too much about sharing this info on my blog because I have yet to go through an interview or have my employer ever mention the work that I do afterhours to further my career and learning path. Which, ironically being able to stay awake and focus for long periods of time seems to help with. However, I have no idea if they test for it in drug screens but I did order some at home tests today. I’ve been taking this every day for almost a year by the way haha. I mean, the cost is honestly minimal but I’m not going into that. I also don’t sell or share or really even talk about it. I would prefer to just go to a doctor and have a functional health care system but clearly that’s not an option for me. For some reason. The point being, I have no idea how long it stays in my body but I think its 3 days and I’m going to find out because my current employer may decide to hire me as an FTE and another may offer me a job. I have a second round of interview’s for the other one. It’s been a while and I’m not overly stressed about it as I have a decent job but its a great opportunity. So, regardless, since I have to circumnavigate the medical system and do something “illegal” that I can get fired from or not have a job because of that helps me to study and maintain focus at work, I have to be prepared for this haha. It’s really kind of a testament to the life of “not being rich” but whatever. Being poor is dangerous. Regardless I’m sitting here waiting on a machine to image that I suspect one of my co-workers broke but I’m not overly worried about that. As my employer doesn’t seem to care if the helpdesk is functional on some level or not. Really, I’m not judging any thing. I just fix stuff and deal with what ever bullshit mess people throw in my path and move along. Who am I to say that breaking stuff for entertainment is not “helpful” lol. Also, is drug testing helpful? I don’t know, does your employee suck? Are they a total shit head? Is it really the weed that caused that? I don’t smoke weed by the way.

See, this is totally out of my ballpark for IPv6, I have no idea at all haha. IT does not say “link local” so that narrows it down. Given that I don’t know what a link local IPv6 address looks like.

Welp, I can remember that one.

Lets go with FF for no reason at all.

Well, that’s not very helpful.

B?? not really sure but it seems right. To be honest, I get host and network confused a lot. I’m not really sure what network means in an IP address. Maybe its D if its not the “host portion”

Turns out its D. Which helps me to understand the “network” portion. Which is, not the subenet ID.

Ok, per previous answer, D! lol probably wrong. B is an answer. I should probably read this chapter. It’s not like anyone’s going to read or comment on it or like im typing it out on a megatron haha, its just for personal study.

So, an easier way to say that would be that the interface ID is the host portion of the address? The only thing I agree with about IPv6 is that it makes v4 seem much more user freindly.

E? I mean didn’t we say that eariler?

I got a bingo!

Kind of a short one today.

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