Ch 25 – Implementing IPv6 Routing

Well, its Saturday. I’ve gotten some around the house things done. Like rehanging a fox skull that got tangled up, changing out some candles, did some laundry. Speaking of, I think I should probably put those clothes in the dryer. I got a great new pink and black Nike hat too. Like a toboggan thing. People always call them beanies but I think that sounds like a youngster on a skateboard trying to sound hip and it bothers me. Or it sounds like your a dumb stoner. Anyway, so these drug testing kits. lol. I took a roll Thursday morning, skipped Friday, the testing kits where here when I got off work, tested and every thing looked fairly clean, tested again in the morning the results where the same, kind of a bit hazy on amphetamines but it looked the same on THC and I have 0 THC in my system and haven’t had any for years. Anyway, I took another roll this morning and pissed a few hours later and it was very clear that I had MDMA, amphetamines and somehow benzo’s in my system. Rolls are all different and you really cant go by a stamp or pill shape generally. They are not super intense or anything, like acid (which I have done and its crazy but I’m pretty good at maintaining composure, lasts for fucking ever. for sure try shrooms first and realize your going to be the same kind of fucked up but wayyyyyy worse for like twice as long easy) but pure MDMA is my favorite drug, hands down. I don’t think that it should be regulated by FDA or anything but it makes me feel great. I used to get pure MDMA in a crystalline form in bags or in capsules all the time. You get in this like focused but… have you ever seen that part in Minority report with the computer interface. fucking exactly. Anyway, the moral of the story its totally out by like 24 hours. Basically my assumption is if you cant feel effects from it, your probably going to piss clean. Anyway, Musk and Grimes…hummm. lol

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So anyway, no that we know testing for pretty much anything other than pot is a waste of time and that, not to be crass but pot heads are usually young, slightly lazy or smoking weed so they can deal with having to talk to you to slow their brains down a bit to “take the edge off” and literally all of that is obvious by their work and demeanor. People who do opiates are usually fucking assholes. There are exceptions to that but that guy that just cant get enough tabs or perc’s probably developed the habit by having a family member take advantage of some form of injury. I have no idea why they like it all the time. I mean, its ok. it makes you feel kind of numb and talkative but its not great for like understanding things. I don’t how to put that but usually people who do meth and and people who do opiates go in the same bucket haha. I’ve never met anyone with enough of either type of resource to support a coke habit but I imagine they would be annoying as fuck. But basically you can do like a 8 ball by your self (3.5 grams, its a ton of coke. like half a gram is usually more than enough to stay up literally all night but an 8 ball will not kill you unless you add a few like oxy 80s to the mix. Its really really hard to OD drugs. I cant stress this enough. People who OD where trying to kill themselves 9 times out of ten) and piss clean in about 24 hours. Anyway, lets get into some home work and yes I do think drug education is important. They exist and are some times helpful. It’s way more regulated than you might assume. I’m not getting into the politics of this but … < >

Seems like we saw a similar question on the last chapter with the link-local information. Anyway, I’m not really sure here but maybe B?

Not really sure on why the /128 subnet even based on the answer but A does make sense to me. Why not add that one?

I dont think you end with :: on IPv6 so D, which doesnt make sense with the subnet, to me anyway, and B

I guess you can. have a :: ending after all

I have no clue but I would assume you would maybe need to delineate ipv6 for whatever reason. You would think the god damn router that does crazy shit could figure out the difference between ipv6 and ipv4 but shockingly the code probably still requires you to tell the machine.

Yeah… got that part right. so what is this so/1/1 thing? I have no idea. I hope its in the chapter. Quick look it’s seems that its indicating speed and that its a static route. This mentions interface but 0/0 doesn’t seem to indicate an interface to me. I’ll have to learn more on that as we go but this chapter is actually interesting and has like code an things and lots of “interesting writing.” beyond like “fuck this is just home work” types of things haha

Well, we clearly established the ipv6 thing. I think A and B are wrong. I’m not sure why the 5 or 6 at the end though. … ok D

Yeah, totally wrong. I’m not figuring out this math at the moment. I need to learn more of the basics before I can actually digest all this.

lol i mean C seems obvious.

I have zero fucking clue and I’m assuming this is a cisco thing because It really doesn’t have any thing to do with actually routing traffic. lol why not make “this is the brand for ipv6 and we are the only ones that have it” so then people can get certified on it as if it where, bitcoin! …

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.. its gone up hasnt it? Bitcoin… probably has.

Anyway, good to know. …

lmao … wow k… zero fucking clue here. I barely understand this with IPv4. Can we get back to that? It’s not A. D would be funny. lets go with uha, B

What do you know. sjfhwufsfnsgh smushmersh mersh mer morkin

ok, last question. Why the fuck do people tell you to eat cough drops. That makes no sense. I would say A and C

The other two dont make sense at all. It’s not a fucking host, Jan

for best results, use high volume

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