Ch 28 – Securing Wireless Networks

Well, Its a work day. I’m imaging computers and installing software, creating documentation, being “online”, trying to save the company buckets of money, being excited about my new fitness watch, planning for my run tonight and now blogging. I look like a football player when running. I have a long way to go to get to my goals but my resting heartrate is in the high 50s and being able to keep up 12 min miles for like 3-4 miles is no small feat for a guy that weighs 260. I’ve come along way but I’m trying to eventually get to that 60 min 10k situation. My arms are week as hell, this doesn’t really bother me but it would be nice to do pull ups and stuff. My squats are really good though. I can do sets with like 175 if my legs are fresh but then for the next week my legs hurt like down to the bone. It’s very different from the usual “my legs are sore and don’t feel like they move well” pain in recovery. Anyway, its nice staying busy. I also managed to buy a guitar off of facebook market that has literally 200 dollars worth of currently “I could put them on reverb and sell them today” pick ups in it. They are also wired really nicely in a configuration that I haven’t before in a strat. It’s a squire strat with (assuming) 59′ Seymour Duncan and Bill Lawrence pickup both wired to a coil split with a 3 way switch and volume and tone controls, for 100 dollars. The tone control doesn’t do any thing really. The clean sound is fucking awesome. Obviously the crunch is sick. I’ve never owned a strat but to be honest its possibly one of the nicest guitars I’ve ever owned. Man, strats really are unforgiving on that pick action though. You get that “spank” noise really quick. Not super keen on this but it does make you more careful when picking. Which, oddly clean picking is more important to me right now than learning to play the meedly meedly parts. So lets do some questions..You know since we aren’t doing any thing but apparently football is on.

What the hell is MIC? For sure A and C but it has to be D. I mean, its not secure if its not encrypted. but it does say “connection” and one would assume authentication is part of that. But we could be pulling the old wool eyes here. Anyway, google doesnt really know know what MIC is lol. I guess I’ll find out later

Well you want to use some form of encryption that has a hashing in it to ensure its tamper proof in this case. We dont really know what C is but EAP is usually packaged with PEAP and the hashing end of that escapes me but regardless this is overly simplifying the answer because someone will think you have to have what ever he says as the answer every time and I can tell you that is not the case. Unless your doing a standardized mass deployment in which case you would want to use the same encryption and hashing every time.

Turns out he tells you what MIC is and its Message Integrity Check. This may be a Cisco thing but who knows.

AES is fairly week, I think

Lol, WEP is the oldest.

Oauth is used for web authentication and is actually really interesting. this should be C. I mean, he did just say its used for authentication right. Anyway, this stuff is fun but confusing as fuck! Get a security+ for endless amounts of entertainment with it.

I’m totally unfamiliar with this. I’m not sure what any of these do but D lol

TKIP sounds like an antiquated term with like telco and wifi thrown in. Seems old for sure.

Just a guess. Honestly, its insane to keep some of this straight. I should probably be better at it but I have yet to have to know this stuff in prod. There is only one reason for knowing all of this stuff lol I’m not even sure what CCMP is. The thing that I figured out about this is though, is that the back end encryption methodology for most of these works fairly similar with flavor in terms of method of encryption/hashing. And they seem like the same thing but they are really not.

C is a compliance rating

I mean, I thought it was. I guess I was wrong… / maybe its just how it transfers data.

Hummm, For sure at least A but maybe C. B and D should use some form of LDAP

Cool. Now my machine is done building and I’m off to mail these replacement computers to a couple locations. They use one application on these boxes and for some reason the image keeps frying HDs on literally one model number older dell boxes that had win7 on them. It’s kind of a shame to send brand new hardware to type in 3 numbers and hit print on for a few years. Not really sure what’s going on with it but the person that built the image said he injected the drivers from dell for the machines into the image but we haven’t actually rolled images based on hardware specs so its kind of hard to really say that there are not 7070 drivers causing issues on the 7060 deployments. But when I say it fry’s the drive, I mean, it will not recognize it at all as being attached to the computer. Never seen any thing like it.

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