Ch 29 – Building a Wireless LAN

Well, it’s Wedensday night. I’m stressing about all sorts of things and trying to figure all sorts of things. I came to the conculsion that my company has over spend about 10k on monitor adapters and docks though. I mean, my credit cards have been taking a hit and im supposed to be paying them off but you know, 250 dollars on prime day, 300 dollars on two guitars that both sort of need work, a 200 dollar pair of boots (I may be getting a refund for these, i filed a paypal dispute) and next think you know your out a thousand bucks. Which is really not progress. I started running outside again now that its cooled off. It’s going ok. Also I think I can make money on the guitars, maybe. Like 400-500 bucks if I find the right buyer. But I’d rather not sell them haha…anyway. Here is a photo of me taken before tonight’s run with my new 500 dollar fitness watch that was on hella sale on amazon that I absolutely love. It keeps a super accurate heart rate and tracks everything. I mean, this this is great. It was more than half off on prime day too. Big fan of running for some reason. I find it stress reliving and gives me a goal or something to focus on. I was also shocked that my resting heart rate is in the high 50s. Healthy as a j bird are some shit.


I also quit smoking. Today is my second day of not smoking. Before quitting I ran 3 mils in 37 mins on the treadmill. I can probably go faster through the neighborhood but my lungs are kind of cleaning out again and there are hills and all that sort of thing. I was shocked to find that my squats went up in weight dramatically after running for a while. Allright, lets get into these questions. Well, I ended up going to bed but I did get started on this last night haha

I have no idea.

Well clearly there is a lot to learn here. Honestly, I would way rather dig into these through questions but damn this test is going to be as painstaking as the sec+ was and I sort of have less time to study for it 😦

Again, that ones something that I haven’t seen before as this stuff applies to Cisco tech. I will say, I’m happy I got a sec+ and net+ before undertaking this one.

I don’t know what a WLC is but normally its safe to use SSH depending on how the switch is configured. That basically runs a custom version of Linux if I understand this right … which gets into an whole other subset of issues. I mean, sort of. Code exists haha

Guess there is a GUI on those things. So its running Apache? haha k

lol no idea! I should really learn all of these terms…if they where a test prep question but its not so its kind of a 50/50 shot that its useful info.

I would assume a C. normally a WLAN wouldnt have an “interface” i mean, its weird terminology if it does. Bridge isnt right.

good to know.

b and d are correct. you put an ssid on an access point.

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oh so we are calling the access point a controller interface. K we can stop with the “its cannon” if its broken lol

D. I have no idea. B is a guess though

y tho

I’m not really sure what they mean by interface here. I guess I’ll skim the book to try and figure that out. Anyway, off to make some breakfast.

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