Ch. 1 – Introduction to TCP/IP Transport and Applications

Life is really odd sometimes and people are super weird. This isn’t new information but it seems like life is extra weird in my case for some reason. I’ve developed this thing where I can cut people off really fast because I’m fully aware that I don’t actually matter to most people. Like my life doesn’t mater to them at all. Does that make any sense? Like sometimes people just want to interact with me for shit’s and giggles and bring nothing to the table but stress and not help pay my bills. Like sorry I’m not really interested in that and am happy to be alone. I don’t know why that is but regardless I really got to get cranking on this cert and I have been kind of lazy about it so its whatever. I mean, im not expecting a damn thing from anyone I interact with but a hard time. Just to be honest. I mean, there are circumstantial factors about my life that make it almost impossible to get ahead or to date. It’s ridiculous and I’m just supposed to be ok to be put in this position. Lol, anyway, I did get a full time job offer from work, so that’s really good and helpful. Anyway, I’m apparently back into cert mode so whatever.

The word application gets confusing but guessing D and E because A and C do not make sense.

BDFC? Encryption is not a TCP technology to my understanding. No idea what flow control is but it seems like it would be router based.

lol nice, routing is router based and A is right.


I think that’s a frame but it could be a segment.v



Well, I did get some stuff done this weekend but I mostly stayed at home in bed. I approve of my level of productivity. lol So much going on…

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