Ch. 3 – Advanced IPv4 Access Control Lists

Well, haven’t been super active on this lately but like I said, as long as I can get this in the next calendar year, I am happy. So many things kind of going on. Mostly working on getting in shape and staying organized. That doesn’t sound like that much but it shockingly is. I could probably study more at work. That is a fact. Anyway, I got a reallly good deal on a 27 inch dell AIO machine that I bought yesterday and is arriving today. I should probably buy another SSD for it but still, the monitor is a 500 dollar monitor and its got a an 11th gen i7 in it. The video card is, not really even installed haha but I don’t really play video games so its fine. I mean, its absolutely for music production. Which I don’t make money off of and never will but it is fun. I mean, I really like making music and I’m good at it. I think I’m good at it and I have good taste in music. Obviously its not popular but I don’t really care. Stressful times though with that 18 months no interest situation.

Its kind of funny. You assume that images will scale no matter what size that you view the PDF at but that really isn’t true. these where at like 65% and they do actually look smaller. How that hurts peoples feelings, I have no clue and I’m not real stressed about it. Why anyone would be this stupid and purposelessly self centered, is beyond me. Like clicking the 100% button is not that hard. What’s it hurt? Probably some ones ego or ability to grasp reality.

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand: The Archduke Who Despised Hungarians  - Hungary Today

Anyway, I looked this up and while it doesn’t implicitly state its the same thing as a regular ACL, that does appear to be mostly the case. Given the options E and F seem to be solid candidates.

The first part of this is a real kicker. I dont know what those numbers mean. I guess I’ll have to figure that out if I see it on a test prep question.

Same story here.

These really could be random numbers labeled access list but this one sources ports in the answer yet there are no ports listed in the answers. the eq is a thing but this isn’t given proper treatment.

A and C both seem plausible but C seems like a better choice.

No clue but it says choose two and C and D match so its probably that.

Humm I don’t think it would be in A and B and we are still real big on 2 answers. I’m going to guess the last two. Shot in the dark.

Well, that’s all im going to go into for now. The reason? Who knows. Obviously its all random information where we just do what ever we feel like to feel cool and acquire a sense of belonging by saying the other guys are the bad guys with absolutely no goals or reasons in mind. Other than to maintain our absurd sense of self importance while doing things and not thinking through them at all.

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