Ch. 5 – Securing Network Devices

Well, I didn’t get a second chapter done this morning but I had intentions to. I’m kind of laughing about this but we have had several issues today with enforcing non existent procedures and being unsure about next steps in projects and it sometimes seems as if there are some people in our department that are more interested in causing a fuss than actually getting work done and doing any kind of planning. This is not a surprise at all. Anyway, I’m trying to push for managed windows updates and have found clients on the network I can replace. I posted the info in teams and need to wait to hear back about it. Also today was turkey shoot day at work where you could win a free turkey by being good with like a rubber band gun or something. Not really sure. I got the calendar notice but didn’t exactly pay attention to it for some reason then got slightly sad when I missed it. Anyway, I’m also getting a super sick goth dresser delivered today that was on sale for like 55% off and appears to be a super nice bit of furniture. No idea how its being delivered but I’m hoping there isn’t much assembly time. Could go either way but regardless I’ve charged my cordless drill that ive been using all year on home ren projects and never once charged the battery. Lets get into these questions.

Not sure, this is cisco tech that I’m just learning about.

This isn’t really making a lot of sense but something as easy as a password does not require much CPU up time. However there are many many types of hashing and encryption. Im going to go with C because rainbow tables exist for common hashes lol

right…. not sure about that

I would assume B to be true here as it makes more sense but even in the process of hashing it may become clear what the algorithm is. It’s possible A is also true.

Kind of enjoying this Sec+ review. Anyway, not sure what the VTY is but I think its a safe assumption that that its Virtual Terminal Yes?

I’m going to say B is my best guess because I’m not exactly sure. It seems weird to dig into a packet that deep on a firewall but to be honest that sort of packet inspection makes sense.

B for sure and I would assume D as well as those have to be regularly updated. A I would assume to be done by traditional firewalls. Maintain a database of IP’s its communicated with.

Turns out I have A and B backwards. B seems more complex but apparently its been in use for a while. Interesting. Anyway, new Pope Hate track. Seems like the Pope is down a bit in online popularity at the moment haha

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