Ch. 12 – Miscellaneous IP Services – this one, is in order

Welp, its Christmas Eve-Eve and I’m trying to get about 3 of these things done today because its slow. I’ve worked a few HD tickets and have no deployments so everything is fairly kosher as far as I’m concerned. I need to eventually get this certification and I have been taking my damn sweet time with it. I’m not overly stressed about it.

I think they mean gateway by default router. In which case D would be true as the IP is hardcoded on to the router instead of having a clustering situation configured. Which is what FHRP is

IP routing redundancy is designed to allow for transparent fail-over at the first-hop IP router. Both HSRP and VRRP enable two or more devices to work together in a group, sharing a single IP address, the virtual IP address.


This one is interesting even looking that virtual IP bit in the answer because I have actually interacted with this in a professional capacity and I didnt realize that the router also had to have a hard “this is my ip” because the hosts have to be using the virtual IP as the gateway or default router for this to make any sense at all.

My guess would be C but seeing the answer I supposed that would be bad in a static enviroment.

I read this and said “it should be 2 shouldnt it?” Yep….A & C

Im not really sure what the answers mean but its just a file server sending data through a TCP connection.

I would assume B but its two answers its got to be B and D

That’s all for this one. Which was kind of hard. I may only get two of these done depending on how the next chapter is.

Ch. 9 – Device Management Protocols

You know, might as well go back and do this one.

No clue

Good to know.

No clue, CLI? Do I need to learn it? Lets find out later

I have no idea. Good to know

Didnt they just say C?

E and F makes sense

I would assume the same. I dont really know what these CDP and LLDP things are haha but I assume I could figure this one out.

That’s all for today. Might go run tonight or finish a beat. Who knows. Working on getting better at piano and so far so good. Lovely posting. …. .

Ch. 11 – There and Back Again — Quality of Service (QoS)

It’s monday morning which means I have training. I’m not sure how many months I have left of it but its going great. I didn’t get nearly the amount of stuff done that I wanted to last week, run 3 times during the week and then do a 10k. I started strong on Monday then my legs where sore till about Thursday and then didn’t do anything after that. I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately which is good but not great for getting things done. I also realized I forgot chapter 9 for some reason, so I’m going to have to go back and do that

Lets get into some questions:

QoS is quality of service I would guess A B and E

I have no clue but this actually seems like something I should define and since I dont have time to do that right now this is a good place to start getting ready for the gym.

Now that we are back to this we can get on these definitions.

  • Class of Service (CoS) is a 3 bit field in an ethernet frame header when a VLAN tag is present. Quality of Service uses the CoS value to differentiate and police network traffic. This field specifies a priority value between 0 and 7, inclusive, that can be used by Quality of Service (QoS) to differentiate traffic.
  • The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is a specialized Internet protocol for communication between client devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and printers (or print servers). It allows clients to submit one or more print jobs to the printer or print server, and perform tasks such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or cancelling individual print jobs.
  • Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is a means of classifying and managing network traffic and of providing quality of service (QoS) in modern Layer 3 IP networks. It uses the 6-bit Differentiated Services (DS) field in the IP header for the purpose of packet classification.
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching is a routing technique in telecommunications networks that directs data from one node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses, thus avoiding complex lookups in a routing table and speeding traffic flows.

I’ll be honest, I know what they are but I have no idea what the answer is.

I’m not exactly clear on what DiffServ is but I should look into that to start with. I have an idea but its not solid and I should have a solid idea

Differentiated services or DiffServ is a computer networking architecture that specifies a simple and scalable mechanism for classifying and managing network traffic and providing quality of service on modern IP networks. Wikipedia

I dont know what D is but I’m not spending time on it unless I see it later on in my studies.

B and C make sense

I have no idea idea. I’m not really sure what this is but it appears to be explained in the answers.

Maybe it would depend on what the UDP traffic is but since it says pick two, 2 and 3

I think…Ill go back and do 9 now.

So I Can Fly Far Away: Why You Were Wrong About Jenny From Forrest Gump -  One Room With A View

Ch 10. – Network Address Translation

Man, so much going on. I’ve been writing about leadership and responsibility on linkedin and playing music, which, trust me, im aware is a hobby but it requires an alarming amount of brain power to do everything needed to write and record music in any fashion but you would not believe what it takes to get software working and create something thats remotely functional. Now im adding in more complicated guitar and piano bits to my beats. It doesn’t make them more or less valid but I’m finding the musicianship interesting.

Realizing that paragraphs exist and that I use the word anyway insted of forming a new paragraph for some reason. Quick note about Adobe and wondering if anyone else finds this annoying as hell and its not local to one install, when you click a linked chapter or section in the book marks section it changes the view, every single time and this effects screen shots. I may be the only person that finds this annoying and im sure there is away to set the default zoom but its still annoying. So before we start into chapter 10, lets figure out if there is a way to set that.

Turns out there is, you click edit and then preferences. This may also save from having 2 screen shots in one answer as well. I did have to google this one. I mean, you know I dont troubleshoot this product and I’m not going to go so far as to say the interface is intuitive but I’m sure for people who use this its like coding in JS or something, you know? Just another flavor.

Now, we will have to wait and see if it actually saves the preferences but so far so good.

Lets get into this chapter.

Holy shit lol, I mean, there is a lot going on here. I mean, ok, right so there’s thing called NAT, you may have heard of it. Basically use what ever you want as a gateway for your org and then do whatever behind it. I mean, there are some vague concepts to use so that its like possible for people to understand the way your org is laid out that are not that weird guy that thought that site 48 should be on subnet 92 haha but conceptually, i think im understanding this but no I dont think a 200, is a great way to start your morning but lets have it,,, greg.

yeah, “summarizes multiple networks” clearly indi…nevermind… haha that wasnt in the question but it was information!

I hate memorizing this but it would maybe, not really. there isnt much reason to know this off the top of your head.

This is kind of tricky because you want to think its a generic router comment which it sort of is but static routes are always configured right? So you would think it would be inside that the translation would be done? C?

A, would make sense as the router isnt aware of the destination if its not offering DHCP which most of the time the router would not be doing that.

Haha I have no clue at all.

The ACL part here makes sense but I’m unclear on what a source list 1 is.

I dont really know what this is but I would guess A and C

Well, there are 7 addresses and 7 allocated

Ok, at this point I have copied the questions into the window. You may be unaware of this but I used to save every thing locally into a folder and then realized I could screen shot, copy and paste into the wordpress poster and then hit send and its all uploaded. I dont actually read the questions and answers as its a large amount of text but this is the point where I click another link to see if Adobe has actually saved my default of staying at 100% page size. … and uha, iiiiit did not.

Well, I just got done with this chapter and it took a little more concentration than I was expecting. Really not breaking fitness and study speed records this year but you know, it is what it is. I’m getting sleepy and I’m ready for the week ahead. I would also love to be done with this book haha

Ch. 8 – DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection

I had planned to get this done over the weekend but that didn’t work out. It’s been a weird week and people are absolutely crazy but nothings really new in that department, kind of used to it. Work is going ok but same situation. The project is winding down am I’m finding various things to do and taking HD calls. None of it will ever be good enough because people cant control there emotions to provide helpful feedback or situation assessment and everything is simply this makes me feel this way so this must be this. Which is rather embarrassing. Not for me but for people that assume to be intelligent. There isn’t really any thing I can do about situations like this other than CYA

No idea. lets start with what is DHCP snooping because im not really sure.

This is great, still getting this double image posting thing going on. Really weird but this windows key somehow has a ton of fucking issues which is not surprising. Anyway, I still have no idea how this works and I dont like the name as it seems to imply some form of hacking when its more of a check sum scenario for malicious or malformed traffic.

Helpful, still slightly confused.

B and C make sense, you want to say D too but it says trusted and not untrusted

No idea but maybe C or D or both. The first two seem to have bad language.

No clue

No clue

good to know. This makes sense. Honestly this shit really is confusing when you think about it.

Didnt we do this already C and D

Hummm slightly unclear but ok.

No idea

Humm, this seems random but possibly meaningful. Anyway, thats all for today.

Ch. 7 – Implementing DHCP

Well its a fairly productive weekend. I ran a 10k but it was a bit slow. I’m starting to actually look at accurate mile times and so forth with that, which is helpful. I almost called out Friday because I felt like I was getting a little bit of a cold so im not surprised my athletic performance today wasn’t good with a 16 min average mile. I have run 3 miles on a treadmill in 36 mins and some change but would like to be around that time for a 10k. Really I want to run a 60 min 10k but who knows. I mean, there is a long way to go and while im faster than last December my times in march/april will probably not be better than last year. That said over all, im for sure in better shape. My fitness goals are mostly cardio related for some reason. I don’t know, its nice to be able to run. Also got pretty heavy into some synths yesterday and I should probably finish up what I was working on today. Electronic music production can get a little complicated on so many levels hahaha

B & D

A and B, this stuff is pretty basic and I do deal with DHCP and DNS on a daily basis in my current role.

I’m not familiar with this but A and C where my honest assumptions.

Weird question but my assumption is D

B and C

d, c is Linux

Anyway, as we where saying. It’s totally helpful information and review at this point for me.

Blu-ray Review: To Catch a Thief (Paramount Presents Series)

Big fan of this film. One of my favorites. This and vertigo are unstoppable. For some reason noir and classic film appeals to me. Not tech related…

Alfred Hitchcock Master

TCAT - 2D Blu-ray Cover

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Release Date: April 21, 2020

Region: Region A

Length: 01:46:31

Video: 1080P (MPEG-4, AVC)

Main Audio: 5.1 English Dolby TrueHD

Alternate Audio:

2.0 Mono Spanish (Castilian) Dolby Digital

2.0 Mono Spanish (Latin) Dolby Digital

2.0 Mono French: Dolby Digital

2.0 Mono Italian Dolby Digital

2.0 Mono German Dolby Digital

2.0 Mono Japanese Dolby Digital

Subtitles: English, English SDH, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Japanese, and Finnish

Ratio: 1.78:1

Notes:Paramount originally released “To Catch a Thief” on Blu-ray in 2012, but this new “Paramount Presents” edition offers a different image and sound transfer.

TCAT - Title - Paramount Presents

“Sex on the screen should be suspenseful, I feel. If sex is too blatant or obvious, there’s no suspense…I deliberately photographed Grace Kelly ice-cold and I kept cutting to her profile, looking classical, beautiful, and distant. And then, when Cary Grant accompanies her to the door of…

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