Ch. 8 – DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection

I had planned to get this done over the weekend but that didn’t work out. It’s been a weird week and people are absolutely crazy but nothings really new in that department, kind of used to it. Work is going ok but same situation. The project is winding down am I’m finding various things to do and taking HD calls. None of it will ever be good enough because people cant control there emotions to provide helpful feedback or situation assessment and everything is simply this makes me feel this way so this must be this. Which is rather embarrassing. Not for me but for people that assume to be intelligent. There isn’t really any thing I can do about situations like this other than CYA

No idea. lets start with what is DHCP snooping because im not really sure.

This is great, still getting this double image posting thing going on. Really weird but this windows key somehow has a ton of fucking issues which is not surprising. Anyway, I still have no idea how this works and I dont like the name as it seems to imply some form of hacking when its more of a check sum scenario for malicious or malformed traffic.

Helpful, still slightly confused.

B and C make sense, you want to say D too but it says trusted and not untrusted

No idea but maybe C or D or both. The first two seem to have bad language.

No clue

No clue

good to know. This makes sense. Honestly this shit really is confusing when you think about it.

Didnt we do this already C and D

Hummm slightly unclear but ok.

No idea

Humm, this seems random but possibly meaningful. Anyway, thats all for today.

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