Ch. 13 – LAN Architecture

Well, its a new year and I’m on the hunt for a new job. I’m also amazed by the things that happened in DC yesterday. MAGA guys really are not happy about this election. In addition to that note, I have a thread about reasons why located here: really its just a documented thread of everything that happened with me eating noodles everyday. It also has nothing to do with the president but I feel I was fired for being a person that encouraged hard work, wanted to cut bullshit and was a whistleblower. It is what it is but boy long term stable employment sure would be a great thing. I have slowed down some on blogging and making music really. I did go through about 15k emails in one day and datamined for contacts and have found some really solid job leads fairly quickly. Oh yeah, they also blew up Nashville. I spent a lot of time on 2nd ave. weird.

Given that its a “two part”, again, I’m going with B and D

Hummmmmm,,,, A and C

I have no clue.

This, is A and C


I’m not really sure.

Well that’s good to know. Thats all for this post. Going to try to get a few more done today. By a few, I mean two. I have had a terrible headache all day for some reason but I did manage to get a few things taken care of today. Which was good but generally, I’m moving slower than normal which bothers me. Job search is going decent though.

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