Ch. 15 – Cloud Architecture

This storming of the capital thing is absolutely nuts, right?

Jurassic Park T-Rex Final Roar - YouTube

Personally, I’m not really a ‘huge fan’ of either choice. I don’t really know how trump incited this but he probably did haha. Terrible day, 5 people died. Joe Biden continues to post passive aggressive comments with no real ideas or solutions and in no way speaks with any sense of authority based in reason. Then there is this whole North Korea situation. Yeah that’s not pissing anyone off.

I guess since I’m unemployed I’ll study for my CCNA.

Oh nice ABE

D, this one, is going to easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.. is this right? I dont know.

Software Dev, Infrastructure as a service, I would assume. Platform, maybe but your kind of less specific in that case and dont just want boxes in the sky.


I’m not sure.

A and D as it says private

I still find myself slightly confused by this, but ok.

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