Ch. 16 – Introduction to Controller-Based Networking

I could possibly finish this book out tonight but I probably will not. Not much to talk about but its been a nice day. I have spent it exercising and applying for jobs. I have two interviews with companies tomorrow. I’m not sure if they know this blog exists or not. I do put work into it though. One is for a less senior position that its like a 3 month contract and one is with a company I’m pretty sure I have worked with in the past that is a direct hire position.

Question time.

Best guess is C. I was wrong though. I don’t know if I will need to know this and at this point im skipping looking these up. If it comes up again, I’ll look into it.

Right, IP tables control routing. One would assume D. So here we are.

Maybe C per the info in the previous answer.

I would have to take a total guess at this. If it comes up again, I look more into it but its one of those bits of info that’s really kind of obscure and wouldnt really be helpful in a live environment unless you only did contract work.

This is a total guess question and this may be antiquated information but my best guess is A. Spine doesnt make sense with leaf. It seems like it should be branch, right? its probably B and C

Well D is Meraki, and that shit is great! Maybe A and D?

This is what I was listening to while doing this. It’s kind of odd. This is a Japanese band that’s been around for forever and they are, cool people. This is a conceptual album about … UFOs and so forth… noises from beyond.. that plague….

Have a great night!

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