Ch. 17 – Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA)

I’ve got this, and two more to go and then I’m done with the books. Off Monday but have interviews set up Monday and Tuesday. Monday is for a remote NA/SA spot with Race Track (large regional gas station) and Tuesday is with a recruiter to follow up on a previous engagement. There are few things out but most things pay reasonably well. Excited to see what happens. Also purchased a decent pickup for a guitar and I’m going to put it in my self and pull out basically all the wiring out of a cheap guitar I purchased and rewire it with just one pickup and a volume. Its currently got two pickups, a switch and volume/tone in a cheap LTD SG copy. I need to learn soldering for varying reasons but I mean, I essentially work on electronics and might be good to know some basics about checking things with a meter and putting things together. Currently I have no use for stuff like raspberry PIs but I see the use in learning to put stuff together. I think I will also buy a kit for a fuzz pedal that comes with all the transistors, the board and all that stuff and you basically solder it together. I bought a 300-500 dollar pedal off of Facebook the other day and I got it for 125 dollars because one of the switches doesn’t work right on it. The switch doesn’t really do any thing but if I replace it I can probably make money on a resale if I feel like it. And I would probably take that money and buy a phaser pedal lol.

Lets uha, do this CCNA thing…

Dude, I’m aware of this in virtualization and Hyper-V but I have no clue on this in Cisco world but lets give this a stab. Normally, In Azure the function that is every thing is called A. In this case of SDA, thats some how not CLI, what the fuck lol ok boomers. OK…. Lets go with C

I mean, again B?

No idea.

None of this matters in Meraki? .. Cop alert…. yeah we got this one… Honestly no clue what the “answer is”

Again, no clue.

Very, Very good. A and B for sure happen. I mean, routs exist. D is a plan, I mean, ok

Well, I may do another one in a little bit and then start into the VCE Monday but we will see how it goes. Anyway, This is probably my favorite Sabbath riff.

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