Ch. 18 – Understanding REST and JSON

Welp, I’m going to do two of these and then jump rope for 10 mins and run a mile and probably be done for the day. I bought some of those band things to help with pull ups. Apparently I can set at a door that has about a foot drop so my arm is full extended and do 150 lbs on each arm fairly easily. Not sure why I cant do a pull up. This makes me think I should try it some time. For now, Ill keep doing 20 over and 20 under along with a “kettle bell” work out but those are stupid expensive so I use a tub full of brown sugar lol

On to the topic at hand, I really don’t know much at all about this so I’m excited to learn!

Lol, I should seriously know this. My guess is A or D. For more info on the basics (of which this is not covered) check here (the process to change link text is slightly painful at the moment but its a tech target article)

I have no clue and I’m going to let the answer speak for its self

I’m assuming D is a pointer if not is C. What is this URI thing? At first I thought it was typo but it is not

Good to know!

A and maybe B. I really dont think its D and C seems odd for some reason

I think its B and D. I really like this coding stuff. I should know more about this stuff. lol okay so A does make more sense here.

I’m going A and B

I’m not reading this. That is green. Not grey and every answer is in D so its going to be hella confusing. Off to korger to get worsechsire sauce, soda, cheese and 1 thing of brown sugar.

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