CCNA— Part 2, No creative title here’s

Well, I’m pretty sure I need to buy a new car. This is a huge bummer for several reasons but thankfully I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok. My car wouldn’t start this morning and I suspect its the alternator but I could be wrong. It has a few other things wrong with it and its got 200k miles on it. I bought new tires for it last year and was hoping to get full use out of those but whatever. I mean, I cant get into debt on a car because I don’t exactly have ‘stable’ employment so its a bit scary. So I think I’m going to investigate my options for purchasing. I bought a battery charger thing off of amazon but it does not work. Or it didn’t this morning. It works great for charging phones though. Starting cars, not so much. My aunt took me to work and I honestly didn’t think to try jump starting it. I found a car I like a lot that’s in my budget. I’ll try to make it happen, maybe today. I might have to pay a little bit on it but it shouldn’t be too much.

This stuff I’m kind of aware of and sort of read the answer but grabbed the question to cover this anyway. I’m not really sure what it means by ‘relative amounts of traffic’ but rereading the information it seems ok.

Ok, I dont know how much of this will be on the test but it seems like a good thing to learn about. According to this its basically running ICMP and printing results. Why you would run that from the destination device is beyond me.

So anyway, that’s kind of fun.

This get’s confusing. According the this the source/destination IPs are the actual computers but the MAC addresses are the routers. I understand that but is it consistent?

If I’m understanding it right, this is much easier than expected.

The question here is what the hell is overload? Port Address Translation makes sense to me. Good to know that.

Really, I need to go over what ISDN is.

So this is public internet? It’s kind of funny because every thing hits that at some point and the entire thing becomes a huge misconstrued ball of terms. I’m slightly confused by packed switching but I guess we can cover that later.

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