CCNA— starting into the vce questions, Part 1

So I started into the VCE yesterday. Again. They let me purchase it again at a highly discounted rate, which I was thankful for as I downloaded it on a work computer only, apparently looked at about 10 of them, realized I had no clue what was going on and started into the books without checking on the VCE again only to find I didnt have the file and couldn’t redownload it. Anyway, I’m now at about a 50% rate after going through them, which is a vast improvement. There is a lot of material to cover.

I feel like I should know this and looking at it now im not really sure why I didnt get it but I wanted to define IP Sec anyway.

I’m not really sure how its different from a VPN and this didn’t really help to clear that up much but lets move along. I did also find this though.,restrict%20user%20access%20with%20SSL

I’m not really sure why Included this one as this is one of those questions that’s kind of tricky and opinion based. It says not a benefit to users which you dont think “this should benefit the cloud company” instead normally.

Man, you know. I learned this and then sort of for got it. Shockingly 802.1x can be confusing. Now get this, AAA authentication is used to control access to the port. Which you would think would be port security. Nope.

This one was a total shot in the dark and I got it right. It’s going to take a little bit of time to figure out why. Honestly, this is one of those things where I might loop back around to it after doing more more CIDR to get more familiar with base line concepts. It may be really easy once I understand that and chasing down a rabbit doesn’t seem like a great idea at this time. What does seem like a good idea is understanding OSPF. (also, it is so rare that you have to use any networking math in production and to be honest your time would be better spent learning some basic things about coding)

Now I know what they are talking about but I have no idea what the 63 is for to be honest. I’m assuming its a mask of some sort but the answer isn’t very clear on that. May require further research as we go through the learning process.

I pretty much understood this but had questions about the verbiage. That’s a long string of commands to keep straight in CLI. To be honest, this is one of those “memorize the question” scenarios. At least that’s what I’m assuming. I haven’t taken a Cisco exam before but based on these I think that’s probably a safe assumption.

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