CCNA — Pt. 3

Well its been a day, going to look at a car. Might buy it tomorrow. We will see how it goes. The entire thing is nerve wracking and annoying but my birthday is like a month away and I got my tag renewal notice so maybe I wont have to deal with that. Regardless this whole ordeal is quite frustrating to say the least and I think it might be a decent idea to just hang on to the other one just in case. Regardless, I’m pretty sure I have to get a new car and this whole thing is a giant mess. I’m not saying im on my own or up a creek without a paddle or have no faith in the economy or peoples ability maintain employment due to no fault of my own or anything but who cares about any of this at all right? Its just haphazard intentionless emotion that drives us. Now after this long drawn out scpheel about nihilism and why I should not be in this situation lets learn a few things. Honestly it could be way worse but I’m still highly annoyed

Lol this explanation is not much help. As you can see I got one of the 3 correct but I find it amusing that you can technically use a class A subnet but actually subnet into like 15 ip addresses which is absurd because the entire point of using classes for subnets is to indicate that this is large subnet this is medium subnet and this is a small subnet but it doesn’t really work out like that in the real world. During the 2012 MCSA I found these concepts fairly difficult.

What the hell is this? I’ve never heard of this before.

Ok i highly doubt this is actually in use but maybe. But ok, its clock rate.

However, now that I know the difference between these two, this at least starts to make more sense. I did get C right. However, I have no idea what the indicator that its a DCE cable is. I think its because its showing a clock rate in the output for ‘show running-configuration’. I also don’t think you can connect a DTE cable to a switch/router. This diagram is helpful but it says modems.

I’m not really sure what source-quench messaging is but it says it to avoid buffer overflow. lets cover those two fairly quickly

So its all like “slow down there Hoss, goin a little too fast!” to prevent hacking. Probably just sends this image.

The Duke Board Games
“that face you make when they ask why you got grape jelly with a sausage biscuit”

This is kind of weird question debating terms because the user logs into the interface. This is really just over complicating something basic but I’m following it out,,,, at the moment.

Thats all for now.

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