CCNA – Pt. 4

Well it’s Monday, I’m at work and I have a freshly repaired car. I had fun working on it and I think I’ll keep going down that path since it seem vaguely trustworthy at this point and buying something used seems to be in the 10k range for some thing in any way decent. That kind of stinks but it lets me know that its worth it to keep maintaining my car which is worth like 1.5k max but I have zero issues with it overall. I have to put freon in it during the summer and I need to change out an axel. Probably do the front rotors too but all in all its better than spending 10k on a new car. I also like working on things. Shockingly I find it satisfying.

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I also need to rewire my guitar that I took all the electronics out of and replaced. Using a Bareknuckle Warpig in the bridge. It’s a 100 dollar guitar that the fretboard radius is different from the tune-o-matic bridge radius haha but it should still sound good and play relatively ok. Excited to get that done tonight. (i play doomy style stuff mostly like sabbath or at most technical Baroness ,)

So lets do some of this study stuff.

For starters I’m not sure what EIGRIP is so lets figure that out.

Oh yeah, we may have seen this one other time. Now, after reading this and understanding the answer in yellow, I’m starting to get a pretty clear picture of what is going on and how this works.

This one was supposed to be on post 3 and I put 6 questions then later moved it over this post.

The answer to this is fairly straight forward even if I don’t know CLI super well but I’m not sure what ASBR is and lets re-define OSPF, we sill start with that.,in%20a%20variety%20of%20networks.

I think this sort of makes sense and the EGRIP think is kind of amusing as its a proprietary thing. Wondering how companies like Juniper deal with this as they seem to still sell routers. Lets go on to ASBR

The concept of border or boundary or DMZ seems to be being phased out for some reason. I find this kind of annoying but it doesn’t really matter as they still exist but the nomenclature is different.

Alright, well I’m aware frame tagging exists and as far as how they differ, I’m not sure. It does say in the answer but look at that last bullet 802.1Q and realize that after a packet leaves your Cisco only environment running ISL, the border router tags it with 802.1q? Or do you have to use frame tagging? So many questions.

So, first of all, we can read the answer. Second, I’m still confused as to if every time a frame is routed if its tagged because it seems to indicate its for VLANs but I think I will get a handle on it eventually. I did find this sight helpful.,sent%20across%20the%20trunk%20link.

Anyway, I think I understand this enough for now and can remember these concepts.

There isnt much to cover here but I think its interesting that the they add linux commands as an option here. Its a good note that they used “ping” and not “ping IP” to get to this menu.

This isn’t saying what command gets you into config mode but its asking what the CLI prompt shows when its in config mode. I found this helpful though I may need to watch the entire thing to understand what router# is. Its probably the same as switch# but this is on a router haha, thats what I’m assuming at least.

That’s all for now. Learning a lot and taking the time to understand what’s really going on with various things. It’s still slow going but you know, I’m not in a huge rush to get this as the next thing I’ll be told is that I’m over qualified.

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