CCNA – Pt. 5

This is going pretty good. I’m learning and getting the hang of things. On a pretty basic short term project that may last a few months. No one is really sure but I got to come up with something perm or there may be some problems with, you know it costs money to live and stuff. Which is problematic for some reason. Any way, lets do some studying before I start talking about average income scenarios for the certs that I have. Really liking this one and the studying, is going.

I dont really understand this at all to be honest. Route one goes from nothing to the second router. Assuming that takes all traffic in the attached vlan that its acting as a gateway for and pushes it to R2

Ok, this is actually where subnetting, starts to click. As in, see why would you make a route for every destination in a subnet when you could just target the vlan and then send all traffic to that router. This is actually interesting but realizing that R1 is a default gateway is a helpful start.

ok lets take a look at the basics before we look at what the answer says the basics are and realize, this is a lot of text to read on a test… the second part isnt really related to learning. So there are a lot of terms here and they all kind of mean the same thing. Which is a thing in computers for some reason haha

This I found super helpful!

Distance Vector versus Link-State | Networking infographic, Cisco  networking technology, Cisco networking

This is also helpful

I almost got this one right

Ok, the fuck is a trunk? I think I sort of understand but not really.

So basically its a link between routers? I think I’m good with that. That was really all there was to cover here.

Basically RIP sucks so classful must mean its terrible. IE doesn’t pass through subnet masking info. I may have to come back around to this but we will see.

But honestly, thinking not.

Also its EVH’s birthday and im wiring up a guitar tonight using his schematic. You wouldn’t think this would make a big difference in tone but it actually does. This photo is hilarious just FYI. There s some basketball back stage business you may not be aware of. A music man?

Eddie Van Halen Honored During Rock and Roll Hall of Fame |
Why Eddie Van Halen Buried His 'II' Guitar with Dimebag

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