CCNA – Pt. 6

Well its friday, I had another interview for a temp job yesterday and I think it went it ok. No real complaints but for some reason people have a hard time believing that I actually acquired certs through study. The point being I work hard, get good customer service stats and the economy isnt great and I have trouble finding stable long term employment but keep plugging away at these certs to be told I haven’t done things that I have in fact done. It’s fine, do what you want but im going to sit here and keep studying and working hard regardless of how it makes someone feel that I like to work and learn. Not sure what is so complicated about the fact that im a smart hard worker that engages well with end users and doesn’t like to play games but prefers to drive results and provide solutions on any scale. Whatever, there’s a pandemic and everything is absurd. Like education does not mean any thing yet they require it but at the end of the day someone’s ego or emotions around a situation is more important than the end results. For example, what does the word helpdesk mean and what is a specialty helpdesk and why did you pick different terms for them. Was it so you could belittle people and make your self feel important? Regardless of if im super polite and ask questions pointed in a direction of respect or cut to the chase with bottom lines, ive found the results are usually the same with that type of personality that isn’t looking so much for results driven architecture but seeking some sort of personal validation that has nothing to with corporate (which often times, if actually results driven and people focused, looks somewhat like small socialist communities validated by Marxist ideals) goals.

Fearful Symmetry: Allusions in Watchmen — Chapter 6 of Watchmen ends with a  quote by...

I really like that quote and this came up from last year as a flash back on my Facebook. I don’t know, I guess some people take existence seriously and pay attention to what’s going on.

Well, lets get into some questions

Still slightly confused about the EIGRP stuff but I’ll check into it. So lets look at that and the show IP output.

Cool, this actually covers both. The guy kind of hotdogs a bit without getting right into detail but its still very helpful helpful.

This is much more helpful, overall but he does cover (lol) what EIGRP is. Going to have to eventually make like a diagram to understand those.

Im confused as to the difference here between speak and active but this looks like some OSI BS. I may or may not need to really figure that. We will see how many questions have this on it. You know its like drilling down thing I do. Obviously, I’m putting more research time into these than the previous ones but you dont want to chase rabbits too hard just yet.

My question is why does this even exist? if every router has to have the same number for this process why does it matter at all? This is simply a bit to be misconfigured. Its helpful to start understanding the CLI. I’m not sure how to say that. When I say ‘the CLI’ I mean the nomenclature or verbiage around the output and the displays of the commands.

This is probably a google as the answer output is slightly confusing to me. actually this is more than slightly confusing. This is hella confusing. So far no luck on finding more info on YouTube, so I’m going to move on again and maybe come back to this but I did find this helpful. The Cisco docs on this are Cisco docs and this is a situation that appears to require some amount of experience with the command in a live environment. This website is cool but this state thing does not explain the full/dr thing while later showing that in the output of command haha

leaving me to think the world is /null and without value of even 0

This is really easy if you remember the layers lol, which obviously I didnt.,describing%20a%20networking%20system’s%20functions.

lol ok “All = Application Layer People = Presentation Layer Seem = Session Layer To = Transport Layer Need = Network Layer Data = Data Link Layer Processing = Physical Layer” This is blessed assurance to me.

Anyway, lets keep making the same mistakes and being the same type of people and wondering what is going on. All the while not realizing the root cause is insecurity that we that try to fix by feeding our egos and caring nothing for truth. That’s all for now. About 100 questions into this. It’s learning and its hard haha but its do able. It’s, you know, a new thing that requires a lot of diligence to understand.

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