CCNA – Pt. 12

Well its Tuesday. I got a flat at work and I think its resolved. Not looking real good for job prospects after this. Nothing is really showing up on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. Thankfully, my boss is great but offers no long term potential but is happy to announce when you have a flat tire. Awesome. Anyway, this sandwich is awesome. It came from Arby’s.

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Lets get to the questions though.

I wanted to take a closer look at this but again, its diagraming an output. It may be good to know what all these codes are before testing. Regardless of if I’m within acceptable testing range. Anyway, in this case it means router.


I really just guessed on this one but I don’t think I really understand what CDP is.

There is a lot to know and generally I find that Cisco is not the most helpful when it comes to documentation. However, this page is great:

I’m kind of confused as to what it looks like when you configure this or how you configure this which could be in a later question about the output of some configuration. This entire page is helpful, as in, it has information on it but not this specific scenario and im going to be honest, this is actually usefull information and im pretty sure I can figure out group config at some point if I put the time into it

So if im understanding this correctly then the brief output displays it more, organized? This is kind of an odd revelation but good to know, none the less.

ok, what the fuck. I just pick the one that looks maybe right? There is no chart here haha

PErsonally I like the real Sabbath but whatever.

CCNA – Pt. 11

Happy Monday. I’m having a great time and trying to learn a little about electronics. It seems overwhelming but you know, money and time. Thankfully its not that expensive…so far I’m at about 100 dollars into it and have,,, a working guitar and a pedal that will not power on for what ever reason. I think the pedal not powering on is a result of a grounding issue but I could be wrong. The LED doesn’t power and as long its wired right if your getting power at all it should light. The pass through signal works fine though. This is for guitar pedals. I play a lot of doomy type stuff. Basically I like music that sounds like its for stoners in space. I don’t really enjoy marijuana that much but I do for some reason like that type of music. Maybe it was in a past life. Obviously, none of this is going to help me pass CCNA but having a basic grasp on analog circuitry seems like a good idea. So I bought a kit for 50 dollars that’s a clone of a pedal I like and it turns out it has lots of issues. For starters it didn’t ship with a 9v DC in jack that would actually securely fashion to the enclosure. Which tells me, the guy that sells the kit, is kind of just an asshole. He also doesn’t answer questions haha

This is kind of tough because the answer D relies on assuming 100 is the default. Ok, real world you are for sure going to be relying on context clues but its still hard to figure out exactly what’s going on and honestly I think its a mix of “the test” and the fact that I am still learning. The P is confusing

This is interesting to note that some routers appear to show what this in the output text.

Not really much to know here. Other than the “Cisco three tier architecture”? The fuck is this haha

Well thats good to know that it exists. It also makes sense. as in… routers are core, switches are distro and access is users. Amazing.

I got this right but still its good to look at like, wireshark drops

So here is what I think about this. In network administration this could be a helpful defensive tool to learn what people or doing or on the off chance you getting errors with DHCP that seem to be networkwide. This whole concept of hacking being cool because of a TV show is very naïve and frustrating. Your going to want to read this but you will find it also, over the top yet helpful to learn a lot about this from.

Lets define these, I’m not sure what they are.

Lol why the hell would you do that? This makes zero sense, a LAN on fiber. ok. Token ring network makes zero sense in 2021

This is actually interesting. I’m not sure how it works but it does exist and anytime you see Circuit, its guaranteed to be a wan

Synchronous optical networking (SONET) and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) are standardized protocols that transfer multiple digital bit streams synchronously over optical fiber using lasers or highly coherent light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs). At low transmission rates data can also be transferred via an electrical interface. The method was developed to replace the plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) system for transporting large amounts of telephone calls and data traffic over the same fiber without the problems of synchronization.

What the fuck, root switch location to be optimized? I’m not sure I understand.

Honestly, this one does not make a ton of sense as it doesn’t say ST “protocol” or anything like that. None of these really say anything about a router location. Which is super weird. and as you can see PVRST isnt even listed on this diagram. It may be a bit of information overkill that we just have to remember. Anyway, here is some for sure southern doom. Maybe I’ll post a loud ab demo of my strat and SG. The squire strat sounds better haha but i still play the SG more? Who knows why. Only god frens

CCNA – PT. 10

Its Friday and its kind of a slow day at work producers.

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So its time to get to work on some blog posts and so forth. Anyway, might have this done in the next month or two if I really honker down. I might not take that route though. 2 months is a realistic goal.

We are going to have to figure this one out.

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Here is what I don’t get this link local thing, on a PC that has no outside connectivity so how does this work in a router?

I understand this but I’m not explaining but basically it has more than one interface and is communicating with a specific one and routing traffic to it? I think I’m understanding that, maybe.

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you see this says 2269571 and then it says 90 in the explanation? This is confusing because it seems to be telling me its using 3 protocols and none of them make any sense other than “this one is best” so why not just use that one? I’m confused about this for the moment, but ok.

This says ‘not’ which in fact changes the answer. Not that I really knew this very well but sometimes, you can take a good stab at thing. It’s also good to know the actual order of sla, sla schedule and icmp-echo

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This one is actually weighted by the following metric, which you will need to have memorized.

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Actually I still don’t understand why the subnet doesn’t need an associated mask. Is this like AI figuring it out? I mean, anything that has that IP in a network? So I can just shoot any ol’ number in there. cool….really im still highly confused by this but its fine.

What are my context clues here for EIGRP?

Oh yeah, those letter things. Ill have to keep reminding my self of that. Next question what the fuck is this load balancing thing??? ohhhh ok, if they have equal “actual equal values as determined by the algorithm” then it “load balances” which, ok. Right. I mean, it works on a larger scale.

Thats all for now but I do have 2 more folders to go through so I might do more later today.

CCNA – Pt. 9

I’m making great headway, learning a lot and now im into the familiar groove of getting through the VCE. Honestly its easier than Security+ but I wouldnt go so far as to say that the material is easy. It is a smooth transition into this after going through the books so I’m feeling well prepaired to at least begin to study the material covered. I realize that seems confusing but you kind of have to drill down with this stuff. Like Dante’s layers of hell.

Illustration to the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (Abyss of Hell), 1480-1490
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So let’s break down some of these slides

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I pulled this out but you know, there isn’t much to go over here. RSTP is worth mentioning that Rapid Spanning Tree Spanning Protocol is what it stands for and I can promise, I will read that later and be like “I have no idea what that is” but I actually do know what it is. And now I know that there are two port types to use, backup and alternative.

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Image result for show ip interface brief

This seems pretty straight forward as well. It’s nice to know that you can abbreviate. in Cisco CLI.

This is one of those “hot standby router protocol” where if you remember that acronym then you golden.

After having gone through several more questions, I realize this to be true. This answer continues.

It took me a while to understand this one but I started to understand that BF is in the routing table and of the options the only routing table missing mac is the C. So I suppose this does make sense.

I walked through these and they look pretty good. May do another post today. Not sure. I have 3 more sets of 5 questions to cover from a lot of 125 questions I went through over 2 days. So clearly, less than the running at covering 1/2 of all questions on the blog. Learning a lot and most of it is somewhat repetitive.

CCNA — Pt. 8

Well, its Friday, I’m at work, at a temp job and its going fairly well. Two other jobs called back and said they decided to pursue other candidates. Which is ok but seriously is no one capable of hiring a network admin in Atlanta? What a weird town sometimes. Less weird than others but regardless I’m entertained. I like living here and I’m focused on studying though running slower than previous years for fear of educating my self out of a job. Which is kind of odd but its ok. Some people still seriously do not think that I actually study for and pass exams and dont simply cheat on them. I have no idea why this is. Probably because they tried to take them and failed because they are extremely hard. I have passed 5 exams without failing in a row. Hopefully, this will be my 6th. We will see. I havent checked into pricing but I don’t think its cheap.

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Anyway haha, its 300 dollars. So you know, its a good idea to make damn good and sure your ready. Honestly, I think I’ll be fine if im about 95 based on the material ive seen so far which is around 25-30 percent, so long as im in the 95 percentile.

300 is a ton of money but I mean, its worth it for sure.

This is literally just facts so there isnt much to know here other than 96/8 for HT

I almost got this one right but then went for the additional switch. Which was incorrect. And again HSRP is a high availability thing that stands for Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP

you would think that Dynamic Trunk would be a mode but I guess it is in the name. but it looks like ‘trunk’ is also in the answer….Maybe what they are getting at is that turning it on with out a mode puts it in dynamic trunk?

Looks like it is trunk but not dynamic trunk. tricky but ok.

I’m not sure I understand this at all. It makes zero sense to me at this point. I may come back to it and find out.

This is some Security+ type of stuff that would require a lot of info and we might have to loop back around to it. This was not covered on Security+ to my knowledge.

This is slightly confusing. The answer B is not that confusing but the odds of .1 and .2 being in different subnets, seems possible but not likely. Reguardless I kind of understand the point of it being “possible”

That’s all for now. Here is some Nazareth (doom metal dudes love slightly obscure 70s rock. Guess why) I basically get down on doom and love anything from Texas (DJ Screw). No idea why.

CCNA – Pt. 7

Its Monday and I’m making progress. I’ve also come into possession of a guitar amp (because it was unreasonably cheap) and thus had to buy a cabinet to run it into and now have an Orange 2×12 cab in my room which is much larger than you might expect. The guy is shipping the head in the next day or two from Louisiana so hopefully it wont take long to get here. I need to order a speaker cable (like a guitar cable but thicker and made slightly different) and im not sure how long it needs to be because I cant decide if I want to put it on top of my bookshelf or on my dresser. Really I think the dresser would look cooler but its farther away and would be annoying to run a cable to from my guitar. Wireless recevers are not super expensive these days but because of that I think it might be better on the book shelf. Regardless, I’m excited about it.

This study stuff is going pretty good though. Learning a lot. I’ve got 100 questions done and am hoping to get another 50 done today as its kind of a slow day. My retention level seems like its currently above 50% but I’m thinking over all it will still be in the neighborhood of 40-50% at the end of the pretest. Which is no where near where I need to be to pass but I will for sure pass this thing one day. I feel good about that.

This whole wildcard mask thing is, wild.

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There is lots of math here but basically an OSPF wildcard mask looks like the opposite of a regular subnet mask. Why? I’m not sure because they keep talking about binary which has nothing to do with the logic, which is what I’m looking for. But regardless its the same answer that its the inverse of the subnet mask.

I’m not really sure what HSRP is…lets start with that

Looks like the answer is missing the group-number situation but I’m confused about this slightly but I think I’m starting to understand.

I mean, I had no idea on this one and was thinking it would be good to post but as you can see the answers … are in the answer… as to what the lights are.

This doesn’t make a ton of sense but I’m ok with it. After that “will” shouldn’t there not be the word “not”?

I’m not exactly sure what NTP is. I should check on that.

Ok, so it lets the other routers know what time it has and sends that out through 0/0

Also, the -8 pacific is simply the regular label for pacific time so the minus -8 is kind of added information?

Thats all for now. No way am I getting 50 questions done today but maybe 30?

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