CCNA – Pt. 7

Its Monday and I’m making progress. I’ve also come into possession of a guitar amp (because it was unreasonably cheap) and thus had to buy a cabinet to run it into and now have an Orange 2×12 cab in my room which is much larger than you might expect. The guy is shipping the head in the next day or two from Louisiana so hopefully it wont take long to get here. I need to order a speaker cable (like a guitar cable but thicker and made slightly different) and im not sure how long it needs to be because I cant decide if I want to put it on top of my bookshelf or on my dresser. Really I think the dresser would look cooler but its farther away and would be annoying to run a cable to from my guitar. Wireless recevers are not super expensive these days but because of that I think it might be better on the book shelf. Regardless, I’m excited about it.

This study stuff is going pretty good though. Learning a lot. I’ve got 100 questions done and am hoping to get another 50 done today as its kind of a slow day. My retention level seems like its currently above 50% but I’m thinking over all it will still be in the neighborhood of 40-50% at the end of the pretest. Which is no where near where I need to be to pass but I will for sure pass this thing one day. I feel good about that.

This whole wildcard mask thing is, wild.

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There is lots of math here but basically an OSPF wildcard mask looks like the opposite of a regular subnet mask. Why? I’m not sure because they keep talking about binary which has nothing to do with the logic, which is what I’m looking for. But regardless its the same answer that its the inverse of the subnet mask.

I’m not really sure what HSRP is…lets start with that

Looks like the answer is missing the group-number situation but I’m confused about this slightly but I think I’m starting to understand.

I mean, I had no idea on this one and was thinking it would be good to post but as you can see the answers … are in the answer… as to what the lights are.

This doesn’t make a ton of sense but I’m ok with it. After that “will” shouldn’t there not be the word “not”?

I’m not exactly sure what NTP is. I should check on that.

Ok, so it lets the other routers know what time it has and sends that out through 0/0

Also, the -8 pacific is simply the regular label for pacific time so the minus -8 is kind of added information?

Thats all for now. No way am I getting 50 questions done today but maybe 30?

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