CCNA — Pt. 8

Well, its Friday, I’m at work, at a temp job and its going fairly well. Two other jobs called back and said they decided to pursue other candidates. Which is ok but seriously is no one capable of hiring a network admin in Atlanta? What a weird town sometimes. Less weird than others but regardless I’m entertained. I like living here and I’m focused on studying though running slower than previous years for fear of educating my self out of a job. Which is kind of odd but its ok. Some people still seriously do not think that I actually study for and pass exams and dont simply cheat on them. I have no idea why this is. Probably because they tried to take them and failed because they are extremely hard. I have passed 5 exams without failing in a row. Hopefully, this will be my 6th. We will see. I havent checked into pricing but I don’t think its cheap.

Image result for haters ball

Anyway haha, its 300 dollars. So you know, its a good idea to make damn good and sure your ready. Honestly, I think I’ll be fine if im about 95 based on the material ive seen so far which is around 25-30 percent, so long as im in the 95 percentile.

300 is a ton of money but I mean, its worth it for sure.

This is literally just facts so there isnt much to know here other than 96/8 for HT

I almost got this one right but then went for the additional switch. Which was incorrect. And again HSRP is a high availability thing that stands for Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP

you would think that Dynamic Trunk would be a mode but I guess it is in the name. but it looks like ‘trunk’ is also in the answer….Maybe what they are getting at is that turning it on with out a mode puts it in dynamic trunk?

Looks like it is trunk but not dynamic trunk. tricky but ok.

I’m not sure I understand this at all. It makes zero sense to me at this point. I may come back to it and find out.

This is some Security+ type of stuff that would require a lot of info and we might have to loop back around to it. This was not covered on Security+ to my knowledge.

This is slightly confusing. The answer B is not that confusing but the odds of .1 and .2 being in different subnets, seems possible but not likely. Reguardless I kind of understand the point of it being “possible”

That’s all for now. Here is some Nazareth (doom metal dudes love slightly obscure 70s rock. Guess why) I basically get down on doom and love anything from Texas (DJ Screw). No idea why.

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