CCNA – PT. 10

Its Friday and its kind of a slow day at work producers.

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So its time to get to work on some blog posts and so forth. Anyway, might have this done in the next month or two if I really honker down. I might not take that route though. 2 months is a realistic goal.

We are going to have to figure this one out.

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Here is what I don’t get this link local thing, on a PC that has no outside connectivity so how does this work in a router?

I understand this but I’m not explaining but basically it has more than one interface and is communicating with a specific one and routing traffic to it? I think I’m understanding that, maybe.

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you see this says 2269571 and then it says 90 in the explanation? This is confusing because it seems to be telling me its using 3 protocols and none of them make any sense other than “this one is best” so why not just use that one? I’m confused about this for the moment, but ok.

This says ‘not’ which in fact changes the answer. Not that I really knew this very well but sometimes, you can take a good stab at thing. It’s also good to know the actual order of sla, sla schedule and icmp-echo

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This one is actually weighted by the following metric, which you will need to have memorized.

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Actually I still don’t understand why the subnet doesn’t need an associated mask. Is this like AI figuring it out? I mean, anything that has that IP in a network? So I can just shoot any ol’ number in there. cool….really im still highly confused by this but its fine.

What are my context clues here for EIGRP?

Oh yeah, those letter things. Ill have to keep reminding my self of that. Next question what the fuck is this load balancing thing??? ohhhh ok, if they have equal “actual equal values as determined by the algorithm” then it “load balances” which, ok. Right. I mean, it works on a larger scale.

Thats all for now but I do have 2 more folders to go through so I might do more later today.

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