CCNA – Pt. 12

Well its Tuesday. I got a flat at work and I think its resolved. Not looking real good for job prospects after this. Nothing is really showing up on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. Thankfully, my boss is great but offers no long term potential but is happy to announce when you have a flat tire. Awesome. Anyway, this sandwich is awesome. It came from Arby’s.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper 1942.jpg

Lets get to the questions though.

I wanted to take a closer look at this but again, its diagraming an output. It may be good to know what all these codes are before testing. Regardless of if I’m within acceptable testing range. Anyway, in this case it means router.


I really just guessed on this one but I don’t think I really understand what CDP is.

There is a lot to know and generally I find that Cisco is not the most helpful when it comes to documentation. However, this page is great:

I’m kind of confused as to what it looks like when you configure this or how you configure this which could be in a later question about the output of some configuration. This entire page is helpful, as in, it has information on it but not this specific scenario and im going to be honest, this is actually usefull information and im pretty sure I can figure out group config at some point if I put the time into it

So if im understanding this correctly then the brief output displays it more, organized? This is kind of an odd revelation but good to know, none the less.

ok, what the fuck. I just pick the one that looks maybe right? There is no chart here haha

PErsonally I like the real Sabbath but whatever.

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