More CCNA Questions… Pt. 13

So there’s no two ways around this. This test is hard. I’m currently in the 50% margin and really trying to get this done soonish. How soon? Umm well I paid for 3 more months of the VCE player so in that amount of time, ideally. There are lots of other things going on though so its going to be a lot of pressure. This week I’m doing blog posts then hoping to get 150 questions done over the weekend. Given that there are 450 questions on the entire test, this isnt going to be the sum of the questions I missed going through the entire test bank but you know, im going to try. Time for questions!

I dont know what these are. It’s possible there are more questions that I should have blogged when going through the entire bank again but you know, we will find out and ill go through them. Anyway, i wanted to define these.
  • Link Control Protocol – In computer networking, the Link Control Protocol forms part of the Point-to-Point Protocol, within the family of Internet protocols. In setting up PPP communications, both the sending and receiving devices send out LCP packets to determine the standards of the ensuing data transmission.
  • NCP – Network Control Protocols (NCP) used to negotiate optional configuration parameters and facilities for the network layer. There is one NCP for each higher-layer protocol supported by PPP.
  • LMI – Local Management Interface is a term for some signaling standards used in networks, namely frame relay and Carrier Ethernet

Im going to be honest here, this isn’t super helpful info in 2021. Regardless, its on the test.

This, is confusing.
Ben Stein Dropped As University of Vermont Commencement Speaker | HuffPost
So the good thing is that all the info is in the answer… thats really nice.
ok what the fuck is this.
American Gladiators Theme by Uncle TNUC

It’s almost painful to read all of that but I did. Will I remember it? I Hope so!

How is this way better than cisco docs tho, its a lot to take in when going through 450 questions.
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No idea why it doesnt work in data centers.

Ok im going to sleeeepppp!!!!!

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