CCNA – Pt. 14

Good morning! Woke up a little early so going to try to knock this out before work. Excited about the day and waiting to see how the day goes. Hopefully, we will resolve issues.

This one, we sort of covered in the last post but this is the first part of the equation in PPP connections. I haven’t seen BRI or ISDN talked about much in other questions so for now, we are going to skip that.

This Im finding a little confusing because its saying that the revision number must be configured identically on all switches but thats not true and the clients that have vlans configured, those dont need to exist on the server switch? The top line of the answer is helpful about the VTP domain, version, password and domain name must be the same is helpful though. I guess I’ll figure this out later.
Nothing super confusing here, just think I wanted to cover this again.
This is either wrong or makes no sense because under PRI it clearly says 2 and not greater than 2. E, there are both indicators there so I have no idea how that they came to that conclusion and I didnt really grab all the answer (still learning I suppose and Ill figure it out). F makes sense to me, it says serial and fast ethernet.

As you can see, I’ve chosen 3 when it says 2. For starters DR for packets not listed in the routing table is kind of confusing for some reason. The point being it sends packets to another if it doesnt know where its going. a Stub network, per this, is a network that has only one connected default gateway. So this is starting to click a little better but I still have a ways to go before totally understanding it. Man, this one is hard lol

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