CCNA: PT. 19

Well its kind of a slow day at work but to be honest its been super hectic so im kind of relived because it was a little taxing to be honest. Not too much other stuff to cover So lets do this blog thing.

Man, that is a lot of info and to be honest here, the best strat is going to be memorizing the answer but holy shit that’s a lot of words to not understand. Or to understand. Either way, we are in for a ball game folks.

Dodgeball - YouTube

I was having a great day until this happened. Man, adulting and education. Anyway, the top part outlines the situation pretty well. The revision number seems obvious as that has to do with replication and apparently computers can have their own vlans for some reason. … the answer keeps going

wow lol

I shoulr really have this memorized by now
Subnet mask cheat sheet - Docsity

Which flows great into this next question. Why I picked the .255 address is beyond me but in a /28 there are 14 hosts and you have to have a broadcast address which would be the .15 in this case.

I have no idea what the hell this internet is, lets find out.

this seems ancient but apparently it uses an RJ-45 connection which is just a regular Ethernet connection.

This, I need to go over. … this is helpful info because it goes over where in the show standby brief output that you find this info

Well, thats all for now. Time to get on the phone and hopefully get a hold of a few people! Maybe… I mean, Ill try haha.

CCNA – : PT. 18

Well, I got some stuff done this weekend but maybe not as much as I had hoped to get done. The big thing this: I did make a beat. Which is totally helpful stuff.

But I have 3 more posts to do (two after this one) and I was hoping to get them all done but that’s not happening. I cant at least get this one done while watching Ghost In The Shell in the background. My mom is also in town. Ive also purchased a new amp. I didnt realllllly need it persay but Im ready for a “real amp” and I got a great deal so whatever.

So a friend sent me this on twitter and I think its helpful.

Here is the deal, I like know things about EIGRP but I still dont really get it. So lets just cover the basics again. When I started reading this I was so confused and thinking lets just get through some questions till we start to know enough information to really actually learn about it. Finally, I feel like im at that learning stage where I can actually fish through this stuff to glean information out of it

After reading this, I know… a little bit more but I’m still focused on learning the questions haha

There is no explanation here at all. I suppose I should just memorize it? I really wanted to look this stuff up but honestly, if they think there is too much info to even comment on it, maybe not lol

I actually understand this but there maybe some missing info with the root bridge situation. That is the key bit but they are right about the mac address. the second bit about the the interface with the lowest number going to a forwarding state is interesting.

So, don’t include an inverse mask with EIGRP. After reading about this in the above article tonight, im feeling somewhat more confident about it but there is still, a lot to learn.

Maybe its the process ID that is local to the router? Yes, it says it is because it says so in the answer. But if you google this you come across the following:,same%20in%20the%20routing%20domain.

So who knows lol

I didnt write much in this but I sure did read a lot and I feel like I got stuff done. Time for sleep!

CCNA – Pt. 17 …

I have done, a lot of blog posts on this and to be fair, there was a lot to learn. In addition, im no where near finished blogging haha. I went through all the questions got about a 50% then went through the questions I missed (where this lot of blog posts is from) and got a 43% on it. So I’m honestly learning but there is a ton of info to cover. I’m going to do these blog posts over the weekend and then next week go through the 100 I missed, and then go through what I missed out of that again and once I’m down to like 20-25 questions that I get wrong, Ill go through the entire lot again and see where I’m at. After this one is done I might check to see about an Azure cert.

Into personal news, my guitar amp is on the fritz for some reason I need to replace it. I got a great deal on it and it sounds great but It was affordable for a reason. I’m going to end up spending about 1k on a new one. On to the good news the Mayor of Atlanta is not seeking re-election. Which is awesome news because I cant stand her and I think she’s really bad at her job. Unlike me, who is currently enjoying a remote position and will probably have to travel some this month or next month. Should be fun. Somewhere weird like Wisconsin. I think California is on the table but I highly doubt I will go there and I really don’t care either way however it seems more likely that people are kind in Wisconsin, for some reason. So lets get this post done and , go to bed.

This is fairly straight forward but these command outputs can get confusing. The problem I have is not knowing what specifically to look for and its probably the “routing for networks line” that may be a dead give away. Not real sure. Hopefully I just remember this is Show IP Protocols. Ill be real honest, this has been the hardest one since the first MCSA due to the learning curve.

Im starting to understand this a little better the second time around because the C answer is actually in the above text. the B answer doesn’t really make sense and im not sure the implication of D.

This is funny. I have no idea why I got this backwards. The window field, I’m not sure of. After reading what it is, I still have no idea.

Why I choose A is beyond me. Its clearly related to HRSP but D is shocking to me, for some reason.

The second go round I didn’t get the “only in topology” part in the feasible successor part. I did get the first part right. Not much to really learn in the text below related to the question at hand. So for now, Im going to skip so much detail.

Tomorrow, is Friday..

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