CCNA: PT. 19

Well its kind of a slow day at work but to be honest its been super hectic so im kind of relived because it was a little taxing to be honest. Not too much other stuff to cover So lets do this blog thing.

Man, that is a lot of info and to be honest here, the best strat is going to be memorizing the answer but holy shit that’s a lot of words to not understand. Or to understand. Either way, we are in for a ball game folks.

Dodgeball - YouTube

I was having a great day until this happened. Man, adulting and education. Anyway, the top part outlines the situation pretty well. The revision number seems obvious as that has to do with replication and apparently computers can have their own vlans for some reason. … the answer keeps going

wow lol

I shoulr really have this memorized by now
Subnet mask cheat sheet - Docsity

Which flows great into this next question. Why I picked the .255 address is beyond me but in a /28 there are 14 hosts and you have to have a broadcast address which would be the .15 in this case.

I have no idea what the hell this internet is, lets find out.

this seems ancient but apparently it uses an RJ-45 connection which is just a regular Ethernet connection.

This, I need to go over. … this is helpful info because it goes over where in the show standby brief output that you find this info

Well, thats all for now. Time to get on the phone and hopefully get a hold of a few people! Maybe… I mean, Ill try haha.

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