CCNA Pt. 20

This is going pretty well but I’m finding when I study im getting massive headaches. Which is a problem. They are related to allergies and only seem to occur after a long study session and get so bad that they kind of render me useless. No fun at all. I’m seriously almost done with this thing and will try to keep the headaches to a minimum but it seems like long pushes of studying are the only way to get it finished which results in a headache that lasts like two days lol. Honestly basic health care would probably help but you know, who needs that. I also have applications out with the CDC and Warner. The state is an absolute wreck, like I cant even go into it, but maybe one of them will work out. Having stable employment sure would be great though. Not sure why that’s such a feet. Or why people think responsibility or being an adult is such a far fetched concept. Really feel like we are on the verge of some kind of war or something here. Who knows. Its probably a good idea to get this taken care of. I’ve got two posts here ready to go and not that anyone cares about education opinions but its good to not be cavemen I suppose.

These things make zero sense to me. there are a bunch of them too. You know, I guess I haven’t really read the answer for some reason but after reading it, as long as the theory applies to other similar questions it shouldn’t be hard as long as I dont get the blocking is the higher port number mixed up.

This one, not a lot to cover here but dot forget the 10. the subnet thing, sort of makes sense but its a little confusing.

lol here is a handy chart that explains alllllll of these questions. damn it lol the last bullet in regards to the question above it is slightly confusing. And as you can see, some questions are repeated. Ok I have one more of these to go, I dont know if ill get it done. The concept of Native VLAN, who knows. Its kind of confusing. Like where does it go after it hits that? I guess the destination port.

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