CCNA Pt. 22? still learning…

Lots going on. Interviews with the CDC, a company that supports Colonial Pipeline and houses the infra that had issues, Warner and it seems like something else. Im not really holding my breath here for any of these to actually work out but you never know. I’m ok financially at the moment because I spend as little money as possible and am still living with family because apparently we are unable to find work for a network admin that’s actually stable for some reason. Its not really entertaining to be honest. It seems like America is a little dysfunctional, or is that just me? There are really much bigger issues at steak here than just any one singular point of focus but the over riding issue is people not wanting to act like functional adults. Hahah, in light of recent events here is a photo from the film Metropolis that was a German pre war film. Its really good and from one of my favorite directors, geography aside.

The great silent film 'Metropolis' screens with live music at Merrill on  Sunday - mainetoday

If you have never seen it, I assure you its quite worth your time. May spark a few ideas. That photo is from this scene. I just actually took the time to watch it. Its quite powerful and important. A valid sentiment, conceptually.

Ok, on to the questions and then to get some sleep. It would be great to have a real job interview or like be functionally employed at some point. By the way.

This gets a little confusing because it could be C or D and D is the somewhat more complex answer but it requires less actual typing, if that makes sense. Now, you would think it would be difficult to figure out the network because you subnetted them and thus they should have different network addresses but they are saying that isn’t the case for some reason. You may have to actually check this when running it live but it probably works.

now with more of the same memes


I have no idea why I have trouble remembering this one. This whole global configuration mode thing is confusing but conceptually, it effects the entire router and not just the single interface. Why it cant be configured on a single interface, im not sure. It cant be though. Just dont do it

Hillary Clinton keeps fishing for big money while lagging behind with  smaller donors - Los Angeles Times

This is just memorization. I’m not even sure why I bothered to put it in here. I guess so I could look at it again.

The .6 really gets me because it makes no sense. But whats that, EIGRIP vs OSPF, down at the bottom!!!!

You know, I’m going to be honest here and say I think routing protocols at scale, in 2021, maybe arbitrary but I could be wrong.

Im not really sure what they mean by internetwork… in this case…. see this doesnt really make sense here

This is a “just remember it” type of deal.

Thats all for today and Im off to bed. Kind of happy because Im up to a solid 300 pounds with relatively low body fat percentage but still its about 50-60 lbs heavier than last years 240-250 when i was running 3 miles in 37 mins, today I ran a mile in 13:50 and if you can find a 300 lb person that can run a mile that fast, I would be shocked. I started a kettle bell routine and at 15 pounds with high reps, it really packed the muscle on while cooking oatmeal.

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