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So I actually ended up getting a second – interview – with MSFT and didn’t get the job. The second one – was with a different team. I’m going to be honest during the interview I asked the interviewer why he was wasting my time in a subtle manor as I was fully aware they where not actually hiring. Anyway, bitcoin right? So we doubled the price of gas and more than halfed bitcoin. Absolutely anyone’s guess right? Anyway, if your buying them, you still end up with the same amount in case it missiles up again.

On to what we where talking about here. I am fairly familiar with Citrix VDI interface and I’m assuming the troubleshooting aspect is about the same so lets go through some YouTube videos

  1. Optimize windows image
  2. Black screen – video memory
  3. Unique to an individual
  4. Performance issues – unoptimized image
  5. USB/Scanner issues – pass through devices
  6. persona manager – roaming profiles – sounds like each of these do not have their own image
  7. composer problems?
  8. security server?/ access points
  9. certificates???? self signed certs – not going to see this in prod but someone would call VMware about it —-vcenter

So — these are rough notes I’m taking here as I’m watching this. First of all, I’m fairly certain this guy has not fielded a bunch of end user day to day troubleshooting issues but is -maybe- working tickets that get sent to VMWare or he may, simply be a speaker. Now that’s out of the way, I’ve noticed that not once has he mentioned applications not working within the VM or, as noted printers! pass through devices of any type can be tricky to troubleshoot but I promise, end users are not going to call because their single desktop was broken because of a cert issue. Every dang VDI in your infra is going to be broken. He mentions that there are various ways to connect and that could play a factor like if you have a non D joined machine — connecting via VPN with lan creds — and then launching the VM, the performance could be different. …because of the modem. That also rolls into my number 8 item, his 2. It’s possible but if you have that poorly designed of a wifi network you should probably reimplement it. Unless they are — connected to the guest network.

I found this slide interesting for some non obvious reasons. One being that all admins/engineers should know the IP of their DNS server in their domain.

It all seems fairly similar to the way that Citrix works, there is a web portal where you can browse to end user VMS, resset them, check what image they are using, reset passwords and things of that nature. It does look like they are mostly setting all images to the same “model image” with an always on service level.

Looks fun!

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