Ch. 19 – Understanding Ansible, Puppet, and Chef (the end of the CCNA books)

Well, here we are, at the end of the book. Finally. Honestly, I’ve learned a lot. I’m sure I could have learned a lot more but its like uha, tupac said, uha life goes on. Anyway. I Have heard of two of these. Puppet, I’m vaguely aware of what it does and its pretty old Ansible, not real sure. Chef?

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I don’t know why we are covering this to be honest but I found this helpful:

To me, D makes sense or possibly A.

A and B. You should have ACL’s with logs on those bad boys. If you dont, well ok. C would also be nice and D as well. Seem like kind of wish list items to me.

D? Does this seem like GP or is that just me ….

A uses push/pull

A and D? This is a dumb term lol

Welp, that’s it for the books. Time to get into the VCE next week. Might be a while before I start posting again. I am going to go through the entire VCE and pull out stuff I don’t understand and then blog those questions. No idea how long it will take.

Ch. 18 – Understanding REST and JSON

Welp, I’m going to do two of these and then jump rope for 10 mins and run a mile and probably be done for the day. I bought some of those band things to help with pull ups. Apparently I can set at a door that has about a foot drop so my arm is full extended and do 150 lbs on each arm fairly easily. Not sure why I cant do a pull up. This makes me think I should try it some time. For now, Ill keep doing 20 over and 20 under along with a “kettle bell” work out but those are stupid expensive so I use a tub full of brown sugar lol

On to the topic at hand, I really don’t know much at all about this so I’m excited to learn!

Lol, I should seriously know this. My guess is A or D. For more info on the basics (of which this is not covered) check here (the process to change link text is slightly painful at the moment but its a tech target article)

I have no clue and I’m going to let the answer speak for its self

I’m assuming D is a pointer if not is C. What is this URI thing? At first I thought it was typo but it is not

Good to know!

A and maybe B. I really dont think its D and C seems odd for some reason

I think its B and D. I really like this coding stuff. I should know more about this stuff. lol okay so A does make more sense here.

I’m going A and B

I’m not reading this. That is green. Not grey and every answer is in D so its going to be hella confusing. Off to korger to get worsechsire sauce, soda, cheese and 1 thing of brown sugar.

Ch. 17 – Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA)

I’ve got this, and two more to go and then I’m done with the books. Off Monday but have interviews set up Monday and Tuesday. Monday is for a remote NA/SA spot with Race Track (large regional gas station) and Tuesday is with a recruiter to follow up on a previous engagement. There are few things out but most things pay reasonably well. Excited to see what happens. Also purchased a decent pickup for a guitar and I’m going to put it in my self and pull out basically all the wiring out of a cheap guitar I purchased and rewire it with just one pickup and a volume. Its currently got two pickups, a switch and volume/tone in a cheap LTD SG copy. I need to learn soldering for varying reasons but I mean, I essentially work on electronics and might be good to know some basics about checking things with a meter and putting things together. Currently I have no use for stuff like raspberry PIs but I see the use in learning to put stuff together. I think I will also buy a kit for a fuzz pedal that comes with all the transistors, the board and all that stuff and you basically solder it together. I bought a 300-500 dollar pedal off of Facebook the other day and I got it for 125 dollars because one of the switches doesn’t work right on it. The switch doesn’t really do any thing but if I replace it I can probably make money on a resale if I feel like it. And I would probably take that money and buy a phaser pedal lol.

Lets uha, do this CCNA thing…

Dude, I’m aware of this in virtualization and Hyper-V but I have no clue on this in Cisco world but lets give this a stab. Normally, In Azure the function that is every thing is called A. In this case of SDA, thats some how not CLI, what the fuck lol ok boomers. OK…. Lets go with C

I mean, again B?

No idea.

None of this matters in Meraki? .. Cop alert…. yeah we got this one… Honestly no clue what the “answer is”

Again, no clue.

Very, Very good. A and B for sure happen. I mean, routs exist. D is a plan, I mean, ok

Well, I may do another one in a little bit and then start into the VCE Monday but we will see how it goes. Anyway, This is probably my favorite Sabbath riff.

Ch. 16 – Introduction to Controller-Based Networking

I could possibly finish this book out tonight but I probably will not. Not much to talk about but its been a nice day. I have spent it exercising and applying for jobs. I have two interviews with companies tomorrow. I’m not sure if they know this blog exists or not. I do put work into it though. One is for a less senior position that its like a 3 month contract and one is with a company I’m pretty sure I have worked with in the past that is a direct hire position.

Question time.

Best guess is C. I was wrong though. I don’t know if I will need to know this and at this point im skipping looking these up. If it comes up again, I’ll look into it.

Right, IP tables control routing. One would assume D. So here we are.

Maybe C per the info in the previous answer.

I would have to take a total guess at this. If it comes up again, I look more into it but its one of those bits of info that’s really kind of obscure and wouldnt really be helpful in a live environment unless you only did contract work.

This is a total guess question and this may be antiquated information but my best guess is A. Spine doesnt make sense with leaf. It seems like it should be branch, right? its probably B and C

Well D is Meraki, and that shit is great! Maybe A and D?

This is what I was listening to while doing this. It’s kind of odd. This is a Japanese band that’s been around for forever and they are, cool people. This is a conceptual album about … UFOs and so forth… noises from beyond.. that plague….

Have a great night!

Ch. 15 – Cloud Architecture

This storming of the capital thing is absolutely nuts, right?

Jurassic Park T-Rex Final Roar - YouTube

Personally, I’m not really a ‘huge fan’ of either choice. I don’t really know how trump incited this but he probably did haha. Terrible day, 5 people died. Joe Biden continues to post passive aggressive comments with no real ideas or solutions and in no way speaks with any sense of authority based in reason. Then there is this whole North Korea situation. Yeah that’s not pissing anyone off.

I guess since I’m unemployed I’ll study for my CCNA.

Oh nice ABE

D, this one, is going to easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.. is this right? I dont know.

Software Dev, Infrastructure as a service, I would assume. Platform, maybe but your kind of less specific in that case and dont just want boxes in the sky.


I’m not sure.

A and D as it says private

I still find myself slightly confused by this, but ok.

Ch. 14 – WAN Architecture

Today in stead of simply complaining online about a problem I had that I was sweeping under the rug, I decided to take some initiative and learn. It’s important to take the reins of your future in your hands instead of blaming other people or allowing other people to blame other people. That get’s fairly embarrassing quickly and then the entire world starts to fall apart in a violent upheaval because you insist your a leader but yet don’t lead any thing. I’m just kidding it’s not really exactly that serious in most cases nor are there peoples lives on the line. Anyway, I really got to get focused more on this but somewhere between music, the gym and studying, I seem to have a lot going on. Which requires more than just chit chat about how your pants don’t match. Congratulations on all you’ve done.

Time for some questions. If I worked hard this week, I could get the book done and then start into the VCE.

Im not sure what e-tree is. Lets look that up

Carrier Ethernet Services

Cisco endorses Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 services:

  • E-LINE: An E-Line is a point-to-point Ethernet service that connects exactly 2 UNIs.
  • E-LAN: An E-LAN is a multipoint-to-multipoint service that connects a number of UNIs (2 or more) providing full mesh connectivity for those sites.
  • E-TREE: An E-Tree is a rooted multipoint service that connects a number of UNIs providing sites with hub and spoke multipoint connectivity.
  • E-ACCESS: An E-Access Service is an OVC-based service with at least one UNI OVC End Point and one ENNI End Point.

What’s a Carrier Ethernet Service? Its what your ISP provides to you. Per looking at google, I think the answer is C as nothing else is mentioned

We are kind of getting into some confusing terms as B is likely but isn’t Ethernet? So I’m not sure.

Good to know!

I would say B for sure makes logical sense and probably D. It could be A but its probably easier to manage each location as its own subnet in terms of things configured on static IPs.

Honestly, I would say the same thing unless I’m missing something obvious here.

Hummm… MPLS… here is some non – technical commentary on it

This is from wikipedia and I found it much more useful information

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a routing technique in telecommunications networks that directs data from one node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses, thus avoiding complex lookups in a routing table and speeding traffic flows.[1] The labels identify virtual links (paths) between distant nodes rather than endpoints. MPLS can encapsulate packets of various network protocols, hence the “multiprotocol” reference on its name. MPLS supports a range of access technologies, including T1/E1ATMFrame Relay, and DSL.

Now I still don’t know the answer but it appears to be D.

No idea what PE-CE is

what does pe ce mean

I know what that is but obviously this graph does not provide the answer we are seeking.

Good to know. There is no answer hahaha. Its really where ever…?

Lol, I feel like I should very strongly know this, yet my best guess is B.

Trying to get a few more of these done today and maybe finally arrange this track that I have a ton of parts recorded for. We will see how it goes!

Ch. 13 – LAN Architecture

Well, its a new year and I’m on the hunt for a new job. I’m also amazed by the things that happened in DC yesterday. MAGA guys really are not happy about this election. In addition to that note, I have a thread about reasons why located here: really its just a documented thread of everything that happened with me eating noodles everyday. It also has nothing to do with the president but I feel I was fired for being a person that encouraged hard work, wanted to cut bullshit and was a whistleblower. It is what it is but boy long term stable employment sure would be a great thing. I have slowed down some on blogging and making music really. I did go through about 15k emails in one day and datamined for contacts and have found some really solid job leads fairly quickly. Oh yeah, they also blew up Nashville. I spent a lot of time on 2nd ave. weird.

Given that its a “two part”, again, I’m going with B and D

Hummmmmm,,,, A and C

I have no clue.

This, is A and C


I’m not really sure.

Well that’s good to know. Thats all for this post. Going to try to get a few more done today. By a few, I mean two. I have had a terrible headache all day for some reason but I did manage to get a few things taken care of today. Which was good but generally, I’m moving slower than normal which bothers me. Job search is going decent though.

Ch. 12 – Miscellaneous IP Services – this one, is in order

Welp, its Christmas Eve-Eve and I’m trying to get about 3 of these things done today because its slow. I’ve worked a few HD tickets and have no deployments so everything is fairly kosher as far as I’m concerned. I need to eventually get this certification and I have been taking my damn sweet time with it. I’m not overly stressed about it.

I think they mean gateway by default router. In which case D would be true as the IP is hardcoded on to the router instead of having a clustering situation configured. Which is what FHRP is

IP routing redundancy is designed to allow for transparent fail-over at the first-hop IP router. Both HSRP and VRRP enable two or more devices to work together in a group, sharing a single IP address, the virtual IP address.


This one is interesting even looking that virtual IP bit in the answer because I have actually interacted with this in a professional capacity and I didnt realize that the router also had to have a hard “this is my ip” because the hosts have to be using the virtual IP as the gateway or default router for this to make any sense at all.

My guess would be C but seeing the answer I supposed that would be bad in a static enviroment.

I read this and said “it should be 2 shouldnt it?” Yep….A & C

Im not really sure what the answers mean but its just a file server sending data through a TCP connection.

I would assume B but its two answers its got to be B and D

That’s all for this one. Which was kind of hard. I may only get two of these done depending on how the next chapter is.

Ch. 9 – Device Management Protocols

You know, might as well go back and do this one.

No clue

Good to know.

No clue, CLI? Do I need to learn it? Lets find out later

I have no idea. Good to know

Didnt they just say C?

E and F makes sense

I would assume the same. I dont really know what these CDP and LLDP things are haha but I assume I could figure this one out.

That’s all for today. Might go run tonight or finish a beat. Who knows. Working on getting better at piano and so far so good. Lovely posting. …. .

Ch. 11 – There and Back Again — Quality of Service (QoS)

It’s monday morning which means I have training. I’m not sure how many months I have left of it but its going great. I didn’t get nearly the amount of stuff done that I wanted to last week, run 3 times during the week and then do a 10k. I started strong on Monday then my legs where sore till about Thursday and then didn’t do anything after that. I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately which is good but not great for getting things done. I also realized I forgot chapter 9 for some reason, so I’m going to have to go back and do that

Lets get into some questions:

QoS is quality of service I would guess A B and E

I have no clue but this actually seems like something I should define and since I dont have time to do that right now this is a good place to start getting ready for the gym.

Now that we are back to this we can get on these definitions.

  • Class of Service (CoS) is a 3 bit field in an ethernet frame header when a VLAN tag is present. Quality of Service uses the CoS value to differentiate and police network traffic. This field specifies a priority value between 0 and 7, inclusive, that can be used by Quality of Service (QoS) to differentiate traffic.
  • The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is a specialized Internet protocol for communication between client devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and printers (or print servers). It allows clients to submit one or more print jobs to the printer or print server, and perform tasks such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or cancelling individual print jobs.
  • Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is a means of classifying and managing network traffic and of providing quality of service (QoS) in modern Layer 3 IP networks. It uses the 6-bit Differentiated Services (DS) field in the IP header for the purpose of packet classification.
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching is a routing technique in telecommunications networks that directs data from one node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses, thus avoiding complex lookups in a routing table and speeding traffic flows.

I’ll be honest, I know what they are but I have no idea what the answer is.

I’m not exactly clear on what DiffServ is but I should look into that to start with. I have an idea but its not solid and I should have a solid idea

Differentiated services or DiffServ is a computer networking architecture that specifies a simple and scalable mechanism for classifying and managing network traffic and providing quality of service on modern IP networks. Wikipedia

I dont know what D is but I’m not spending time on it unless I see it later on in my studies.

B and C make sense

I have no idea idea. I’m not really sure what this is but it appears to be explained in the answers.

Maybe it would depend on what the UDP traffic is but since it says pick two, 2 and 3

I think…Ill go back and do 9 now.

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