Ch 25 – Implementing IPv6 Routing

Well, its Saturday. I’ve gotten some around the house things done. Like rehanging a fox skull that got tangled up, changing out some candles, did some laundry. Speaking of, I think I should probably put those clothes in the dryer. I got a great new pink and black Nike hat too. Like a toboggan thing. People always call them beanies but I think that sounds like a youngster on a skateboard trying to sound hip and it bothers me. Or it sounds like your a dumb stoner. Anyway, so these drug testing kits. lol. I took a roll Thursday morning, skipped Friday, the testing kits where here when I got off work, tested and every thing looked fairly clean, tested again in the morning the results where the same, kind of a bit hazy on amphetamines but it looked the same on THC and I have 0 THC in my system and haven’t had any for years. Anyway, I took another roll this morning and pissed a few hours later and it was very clear that I had MDMA, amphetamines and somehow benzo’s in my system. Rolls are all different and you really cant go by a stamp or pill shape generally. They are not super intense or anything, like acid (which I have done and its crazy but I’m pretty good at maintaining composure, lasts for fucking ever. for sure try shrooms first and realize your going to be the same kind of fucked up but wayyyyyy worse for like twice as long easy) but pure MDMA is my favorite drug, hands down. I don’t think that it should be regulated by FDA or anything but it makes me feel great. I used to get pure MDMA in a crystalline form in bags or in capsules all the time. You get in this like focused but… have you ever seen that part in Minority report with the computer interface. fucking exactly. Anyway, the moral of the story its totally out by like 24 hours. Basically my assumption is if you cant feel effects from it, your probably going to piss clean. Anyway, Musk and Grimes…hummm. lol

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So anyway, no that we know testing for pretty much anything other than pot is a waste of time and that, not to be crass but pot heads are usually young, slightly lazy or smoking weed so they can deal with having to talk to you to slow their brains down a bit to “take the edge off” and literally all of that is obvious by their work and demeanor. People who do opiates are usually fucking assholes. There are exceptions to that but that guy that just cant get enough tabs or perc’s probably developed the habit by having a family member take advantage of some form of injury. I have no idea why they like it all the time. I mean, its ok. it makes you feel kind of numb and talkative but its not great for like understanding things. I don’t how to put that but usually people who do meth and and people who do opiates go in the same bucket haha. I’ve never met anyone with enough of either type of resource to support a coke habit but I imagine they would be annoying as fuck. But basically you can do like a 8 ball by your self (3.5 grams, its a ton of coke. like half a gram is usually more than enough to stay up literally all night but an 8 ball will not kill you unless you add a few like oxy 80s to the mix. Its really really hard to OD drugs. I cant stress this enough. People who OD where trying to kill themselves 9 times out of ten) and piss clean in about 24 hours. Anyway, lets get into some home work and yes I do think drug education is important. They exist and are some times helpful. It’s way more regulated than you might assume. I’m not getting into the politics of this but … < >

Seems like we saw a similar question on the last chapter with the link-local information. Anyway, I’m not really sure here but maybe B?

Not really sure on why the /128 subnet even based on the answer but A does make sense to me. Why not add that one?

I dont think you end with :: on IPv6 so D, which doesnt make sense with the subnet, to me anyway, and B

I guess you can. have a :: ending after all

I have no clue but I would assume you would maybe need to delineate ipv6 for whatever reason. You would think the god damn router that does crazy shit could figure out the difference between ipv6 and ipv4 but shockingly the code probably still requires you to tell the machine.

Yeah… got that part right. so what is this so/1/1 thing? I have no idea. I hope its in the chapter. Quick look it’s seems that its indicating speed and that its a static route. This mentions interface but 0/0 doesn’t seem to indicate an interface to me. I’ll have to learn more on that as we go but this chapter is actually interesting and has like code an things and lots of “interesting writing.” beyond like “fuck this is just home work” types of things haha

Well, we clearly established the ipv6 thing. I think A and B are wrong. I’m not sure why the 5 or 6 at the end though. … ok D

Yeah, totally wrong. I’m not figuring out this math at the moment. I need to learn more of the basics before I can actually digest all this.

lol i mean C seems obvious.

I have zero fucking clue and I’m assuming this is a cisco thing because It really doesn’t have any thing to do with actually routing traffic. lol why not make “this is the brand for ipv6 and we are the only ones that have it” so then people can get certified on it as if it where, bitcoin! …

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.. its gone up hasnt it? Bitcoin… probably has.

Anyway, good to know. …

lmao … wow k… zero fucking clue here. I barely understand this with IPv4. Can we get back to that? It’s not A. D would be funny. lets go with uha, B

What do you know. sjfhwufsfnsgh smushmersh mersh mer morkin

ok, last question. Why the fuck do people tell you to eat cough drops. That makes no sense. I would say A and C

The other two dont make sense at all. It’s not a fucking host, Jan

for best results, use high volume

Ch 24 – Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers

Welp, Its Friday. Another adventure in existing. I’m waiting to hear back on some new opportunities. Again, not too excited to leave my current spot but not overly tied to it for reasons of loyalty or anything like that. I did order some at home drug tests to see how long it takes the amphetamines in ecstasy to roll out of my system. Will I ever get in trouble for posting this on my blog? My real question is, will I ever get recognition for actually making this and putting the effort into helping my self and hopefully having other people struggling to climb the latter in the IT world find it and learn how to studies for exams. That would be much better. I’ll post spicy stuff to see if I can draw a crowd though lol. Anyway, I haven’t taken any since about 7 am yesterday and the kits come in today. Honestly would not be surprised if I piss clean. I’m hoping to go to the gym after work too. Run 3 miles, sets of assisted dips and pullups, start working on my bench by doing a lot of reps (20) with no weight on the bar and maybe do some squats last. My bench is terrible. I can barely do sets at 100 lbs lol. I’ve been working on the dips and pull up so I can get into army though. I don’t think getting into army makes you do bench press but its probably a good idea. I took a nice picture of what my shoulders are looking like from the dips and pull ups this morning though. I have a lot of tattoos but you can see that below. Summer before last I was over 300 lbs so I’m doing really good with this fitness goals thing. Hacker man does a great job with details ,,, on the C


Anyway, lets get into some questions

D? A is close but the lack of a space seems unusual. Stop me if I’m wrong here lol

ok, so no space. Interesting but clearly with cmd line stuff I’m formulating a guess. Without doxxing anything, I’m not surprised I’m not sure of ever answer here but that’s the point of learning in a fashion that subverts arbitrary gatekeeping thus subduing my nihilism.

I have no clue how that works.

This sounds a lot harder than it is. the only tricky part is figuring out where the FF:FE goes.

B seems right if there where only one answer but I’m going with A and C

No idea. The hex math gets complex here and it may or may not be logical.

Yeah, I may or may not put effort into learning this depending on what the VCE looks like. I’n previous exam stuhdy time, I’ve found that subnetting in this manor is emphasized but often not really cover’d

No clue

I mean, I liked the look’s of A but it was simply a guess.

Do these two sound a like?

Ch 23 – IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting

So, I use these intro paragraphs to talk about things that are on my mind. Currently, I’m bothered by the issue of health care. I’ve been on Adderall most of my adult life and I would prefer to be on it. It acts as an antidepressant and helps me focus. I hate antidepressants because they simply make you feel like your slightly drunk on some weird chemical and it doesn’t help at all its just annoying. However, I find that when I have the motivation to be working on something I don’t get the blues. Adderall helps with this. While I was at NAPA and had insurance I found that the cost to get an appointment (not to mention actually finding a doctor that will prescribe a drug to you for an illness that you have been diagnosed with 3-4 times in your adult life is some how extremely hard) and then get an appointment with a … PCP to actually a script then to fill the script was absolutely not cost effective. This is mostly an amphetamine that is extremely cheap to manufacture. This is crazy as hell. Anyway, I found that I could the street drug ecstasy does basically the exact same thing and is with or without insurance, much cheaper and more convenient for me to get. I have no idea why this is. I don’t worry too much about sharing this info on my blog because I have yet to go through an interview or have my employer ever mention the work that I do afterhours to further my career and learning path. Which, ironically being able to stay awake and focus for long periods of time seems to help with. However, I have no idea if they test for it in drug screens but I did order some at home tests today. I’ve been taking this every day for almost a year by the way haha. I mean, the cost is honestly minimal but I’m not going into that. I also don’t sell or share or really even talk about it. I would prefer to just go to a doctor and have a functional health care system but clearly that’s not an option for me. For some reason. The point being, I have no idea how long it stays in my body but I think its 3 days and I’m going to find out because my current employer may decide to hire me as an FTE and another may offer me a job. I have a second round of interview’s for the other one. It’s been a while and I’m not overly stressed about it as I have a decent job but its a great opportunity. So, regardless, since I have to circumnavigate the medical system and do something “illegal” that I can get fired from or not have a job because of that helps me to study and maintain focus at work, I have to be prepared for this haha. It’s really kind of a testament to the life of “not being rich” but whatever. Being poor is dangerous. Regardless I’m sitting here waiting on a machine to image that I suspect one of my co-workers broke but I’m not overly worried about that. As my employer doesn’t seem to care if the helpdesk is functional on some level or not. Really, I’m not judging any thing. I just fix stuff and deal with what ever bullshit mess people throw in my path and move along. Who am I to say that breaking stuff for entertainment is not “helpful” lol. Also, is drug testing helpful? I don’t know, does your employee suck? Are they a total shit head? Is it really the weed that caused that? I don’t smoke weed by the way.

See, this is totally out of my ballpark for IPv6, I have no idea at all haha. IT does not say “link local” so that narrows it down. Given that I don’t know what a link local IPv6 address looks like.

Welp, I can remember that one.

Lets go with FF for no reason at all.

Well, that’s not very helpful.

B?? not really sure but it seems right. To be honest, I get host and network confused a lot. I’m not really sure what network means in an IP address. Maybe its D if its not the “host portion”

Turns out its D. Which helps me to understand the “network” portion. Which is, not the subenet ID.

Ok, per previous answer, D! lol probably wrong. B is an answer. I should probably read this chapter. It’s not like anyone’s going to read or comment on it or like im typing it out on a megatron haha, its just for personal study.

So, an easier way to say that would be that the interface ID is the host portion of the address? The only thing I agree with about IPv6 is that it makes v4 seem much more user freindly.

E? I mean didn’t we say that eariler?

I got a bingo!

Kind of a short one today.

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Ch 22 – Fundamentals of IP Version 6

Obviously, I didn’t 2 or 3 more posts done yesterday but I’m really going to put on my hunker down shoe today and get a lot done. I have PT today at 5:30 but that’s all I have going on so I should be able to make progress. I’m just realizing this is a lot of work and I guess I’m taking my time with it. I’m learning so its fine but I wish I was working at a faster pace. This is like my first MCSA pace lol. Anyway, lets get into this and try to get one in before work. Also thoughts on IPv6: in the private sector behind a firewall, why on earth would you use it? Oh your an ISP that’s hosting DNS instead of using cloudflare for some reason? Why would you do that? Literally, no one needs to know this stuff IMO.

C, look this is hype. People still use NAT and it works fine. The more I learn about IPv6 the less i’m sold on it. Do you have any idea how complicated DNS is? Ok then…

Guessing C but possibly also A. The ‘ethernet’ thing makes it seems like its behind, a gateway. That uses, NAT.

see… lol

a. Which this doesnt really make sense because the 100 could be any where in those set of, are they octets? but that’s how its done. God isnt real.

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fine. Why not the first set in the quartet with :: instead of the last set? oh the longest set. How many are there in the longest set? who knows.

I would assume 8 but i mean A, again, who knows where those numbers are. Haven’t seen this before.

This is a variation on NAT by the way and that makes zero sense. but ok, remove the one in front then you can count the trailing zeros to get a, number, that you can translate into hex. Ok, plausible.

A, D is missing a zero. I mean, this is doing a good job of convincing me the notation isnt absurd (someone that just wanted to add in more math to online came up with this)

There is so much other bullshit that happens when transmitting information from your cell phone in Dahlonega GA to Taiwan where your trying to purchase a 3D printer that has nothing to do with IPv6 but somehow we think this is more useful to learn? all right.

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No clue. B is a guess.

So we change the longest rule now lol. I’m shocked.

Ok, going to try for 3 more chapters today. Probably not going to happen but you know, goals and such.

Ch 21 – OSPF Network Types and Neighbors

Welp, its sunday. I had plans to do like 4 chapters today. May have overstated my level of ambitions. I posted a new track to my soundcloud. Thats exciting. (ill post it at the end, its just beats and it all sounds like the most southern of hip-hops filtered through norway lol). Anyway, here is this amazing Manheim steem roller bit of black metal. If you think some of these nerds don’t listen to stuff like that, boy are you in for a shock.

Anyway, lets get into this

oh yeah.// …. questions. right.

guessing A. and C. b and d seem irrelevant. mac adress? i mean, not sure this really matters.

ok…thats a complex answer that may or may not be true based on several factors. I’m not trusting of it just yet.

this is the same question. or if the answer where true in the first case they should also be true in this case.

same. ok that is seemingly rational, so far.

no fucking clue what they are talking about here.

oh ok. thats less confusing now. adjacent is a weird term though.

probably the last 2

is an area number a vlan? i have no idea.

so its a vlan … ok.

d is a total guess.

it doesn’t really say why though. still want an energy drink lol

would assume it would keep the config.

ok, got that one right. well shiting gears for a moment and then heading to the store and then will return to do another. maybe 2 more. hopefully.

Oh yeah, here’s that track. No ones listened to it yet. They usually get about 100 plays. How this happens, I’m not sure.

Ch 20 – Implementing OSPF

Well, had an interview today. Went well. Who knows, its good to talk to people regardless. I wasn’t really shy about it at work. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I think it’s funny because people will absolutely not mention it to you and then turn around and some other sort of weird passive aggressive action that proves they have no interest in your life while being weird and nosy. Not to mention generally unhelpful. I don’t know why people are like that. Anyway, its also currently 5 pm and I’m still in my cup realizing that typing a text document while using a monitor that’s so far in my pe·riph·er·al (had trouble spelling it apparently) that I have to almost look behind me is possibly a bad idea. I also have an appointment with my trainer at 6:30. Being the reason that I’m still at work. I have 6 months left of that and I will say this, LA Fitness does not make the personal training experience enjoyable. Not because they make you work but because they either don’t want to show up to work or want to physically get you mad enough to hit them. This is absurd. I wont go into the negotiation on what I had to do to pay them what I signed up for because the counter girl didn’t put the contract on my card but put my regular membership on it. I will say that used car dealers seem less sketchy though haha. I really don’t know why people are like this. Just show up and do your job. I’ve had better results not reading any thing online ,,, and doing everything on my own. I can actually run I squat a pretty good amount. 250 in a slim fit large is no joke. Let’s get to work on these questions then go do some under handed upsey lollolys while our feet dont look like we are taking a shit on the floor and trying to clap hands

No fucking clue. lets think about this. We could be using fucked up CIDR and masking again. I mean, thats either a really large range of IPs or addresses on different subnets because generally people don’t implement subnets of that size. I’ll guess B

Nice Job! It still brings up the question of “what of that tell is to use OSPF but – we will get to that.

27 diver dan curles using your tritoid in fakie … weird, is this the same question? I mean, I have no fucking clue what it’s saying so I’m going to assume so. Oh shit, we’ve grown to an even larger scale now with that. That’s a lot of hosts here. D?

I see the logic with the zero instead of the one but I still think its debatable. the .1 should be a network id. Do we really have to start with 0 to include the network ID? Am I understanding that right. Help me Ob1dahwendel

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:::whistles in spongebod::: uha, guessing C …?

ok, that’s fine. I mean A seems right. So does E but…. oh it does say choose 2. damn.

No idea, this isn’t using logic or math per-say. It’s kind of something you have to know. Network doesn’t seem right given the previous use of it. I would say A

Good to know.

I have no fucking clue what they mean by delay. Also, A and C are vaguely similar though A seems to be pulling from experience and C seems to be calculating real time. If, I where guessing.

Nice, i was right. I still have no idea what delay is.

This is actually a pick two but it doesn’t say pick two. Funny that I actually read the information presented. Good one. One would assume A and D haha, i mean, if naming conventions are a thing when using logic.

I was right. Nice. Now off to do some reverse monkey paw upper javalines in a downward dog pose then walk the plank. Those are the best. I do wonder sometimes. How my lower delt legumes are doing?

Here’s a great band for you haha

Ch 19 – Understanding OSPF Concepts

Well, there is no Ch 18 question set. So there’s that. I tried to get this done last night but it didn’t happen. I set an alarm to take a 30 min nap and just slept all night. Kind of a bummer but whatever. I should be able to get it done this morning. Anyway, here is some stuff.

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I have no idea but B is indeed a guess.

ok, so what the hell is link-state logic?

The basic concept of linkstate routing is that every node constructs a map of the connectivity to the network, in the form of a graph, showing which nodes are connected to which other nodes. Each node then independently calculates the next best logical path from it to every possible destination in the network.,possible%20destination%20in%20the%20network


It seems like they all should.

What’s a VLSM

VLSM is a subnet design strategy that allows all subnet masks to have variable sizes. In VLSM subnetting, network administrators can divide an IP address space into subnets of different sizes, and allocate it according to the individual need on a network. This type of subnetting makes more efficient use of a given IP address range. VLSM is the defacto standard for how every network is designed today.

This shit doesn’t really make sense to me because its like over complicating nat. Like when the fuck do you actually need to use this. It’s like IPv6 imho. I don’t know why people add H to that. Like your using an acronym, your not that humble. Let me guess that RIPv1 is outdated so it cant use this

Im guessing A or C but A seems more likely based on how the answer is written because “runs some math against” doesn’t sound very factual but it sounds plausible.

Lol no clue, this seems like info you would literally never need to know. My guess was B though was/is. The nomenclature seems wrong for the other options.

hummmmmm… A or C seems obvious but im not sure that single-area is simpler for planning.

Cool. Anyway, starting to get my mind around some of this stuff and I’m enjoying it. It’s a learning curve and I think the real thing is actually learning instead of insisting that apple = square for orange or some shit haha. Anyway, this beat, song, lyrics, this is like .. man dude… its so real.

Ch 17 – IP Routing in the LAN

Well this is post two for the day. Not sure If ill get through it but you know. I’ll do as much as I can without actually having to think about any thing and then go from there. Hopefully that works well haha. By not thinking I mean, dumping all the images in at once and then starting to work on it because it seems as if I’m putting effort forward or towards it. There are so many ways to say that it. Kind of odd.

hip – hop. Anyone that says that in part of the world is perp. Straight up if you say hip-hop your probably like a college student lol. It’s called trap. Why is it called trap, no fucking clue. It is what it is haha Like when I say College Student, I mean the same dick that read one Nietzsche survey book and thinks they understand philosophy and fills you full of hot takes without understanding that he was pissed that people ruined Christianity which was supposed to be an easy way to understand Greek philosophy with a nice little narrative for you on the front part. Worst case it tells you to be a nice person but oh boy lol. Anyway, hot takes? Is it a hot take? Lets ask 2Pac

Anyway, somehow also a big fan of this band. You may have never heard of them and there’s probably a reason for that. Shockingly, I’m not getting into this conversation but you know what, “the streets are real” buddy Phil and I followed this band around the South when I was in college. They have been around FOREVER. I actually got to see them again last year and it was awesome!

You know, after some refreshing tunes, im back in the mood to write. I read the answer accidently but to be real A and E where my first choices. F, im not sure about. Lets find out what it is.

IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation is configurable on Ethernet and EtherChannel interfaces. IEEE 802.1Q is a standard protocol for interconnecting multiple switches and routers and for defining VLAN topologies.

Use the encapsulation dot1q command in subinterface range configuration mode to apply a VLAN ID to the subinterface.

Well, that helps explain ‘trunking’ which really could mean any range of things that relate to concept of grouping IP addresses together. Regardless of what they tell you it means, that’s how it seems to be used.

Not sure here because I’m not following all the logic to this yet but my guess is A and D because 1.1 got the shutdown and 1.2 got the now shutdown?

Ok, i’m not sure what administratively down means at this point. That’s fine.

Mannnnn, seems like there should be several answers here. I would assume a router and a mask. There’s no info on the subnet specifics, right? Or are those in order. It would appear so but why only VLAN 2? Is this a trick question?

ok so the mask is wrong but he actually used normal CIDR math here. Which somehow seems to be troublesome and it should show all the VLANs. No next hop though.

D seems likely.. VLAN 4 isnt mentioned. A seems improbable. C maybe?

ok, that makes sense.

Welp, two questions left. I made it! Anyway, this is fairly specific router configuration stuff, which I have no prior knowledge of but I do understand what its saying. This is kind of all arbitarty configuration rules that I cant use logic to solve.

coool… totally understood.

Im guessing C and D. A is a global setting I would assume. B is kind of odd but duplexing issues do exist.

So duplexing issues do exist! and VLAN doesn’t play a factor here. Anyway, I’m kind of sleepy and am going to go to bed. Also, this band has such questionable lyrics (lol). the point being that it doesn’t matter ,,, because its about VALUES more than the obvious.

Ch 16 – Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Static Routes

Well, its Saturday. How’s your day going. Did you use your heart and imagination? haha oh man…anyway.

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Welp, lets get some studying done and make some off hand comments. What if, for one day we just where nice and had any sense of ethics and loyalty at all? Like hard work and being respectful si great.

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Anyway, let’s do some questions!

So, I didn’t actually put these in before hand. So I cant read below. Guessing B and D

Lol, i guess that’s DNS? Who knows but when reading the answer, I think I understand that a little better.

Honestly, no clue.

Yep, still confused here as to what the hell the routs actually are. “A connected route for the subnet”? I don’t know this stuff at all but I’m thinking after i read more of the book I’ll understand it? Not sure. Fun adventure time…

All of the answers make sense to me with the exception of C.

Good job son! Way to understand Dark NEt

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Well that’s a pre defined thing that I’m not sure of but based on the previous question, A

hummm, a could be true, b seems plausible, the first part of the cmd seems like the answer to D. C seems random.

That seemed like the most likely choice, to me.

I have zero fucking clue but I find this interesting

Not sure I understand this at all. I mean, slightly but who knows.

Anyway, that’s all for now. going to try to get 3 of these done this weekend.

CCNA Book, Ch 15 Operating Cisco Routers

Welp, chapter 15. Exciting stuff. Cant wait to go through and read the entire book after this. At some point I need to figure out how to get a PDF copy of the second book. It’s honestly proving to be super helpful in serving as more of an introduction to CCNA stuff, as the book is Cisco specific, than Network+ did. Not saying the Network+ is unhelpful but the CCNA book is great for prep. Anyway, I found this great new old school black metal tape. Super necro and awesome. I’m sure if your reading this your also into super obscure 90’s Scandinavian metal. So, i’ll put this here for you.

Anyway, uha lets some questttions just a few of uhm,,,,

I would go with A and E but there is probably some sort of config that has to be done. Possibly C

Shocked at the serial cable use but unsurprising. Somehow. Not sure how but maybe. Why not have a magical bluetooth stool to set them on that configures them with magic. This would be more efficient.

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I read this when setting these questions in earlier this morning, B

This is odd information to include and in hind sight I think its an import curb to a lot of things. I cant really say what but wasn’t there some info on routers where it depended on what level you where logged into? I mean, honestly, I remember this same effect appearing somewhere else before. This seems slightly different though. As to why, I’m not really sure but parties in question are not overly concerned at this point. The fact remains that, I’ll figure it out later. Possibly another question of fast food or something haha

I honestly have no idea. Personally, this stuff is slightly “more interesting” than CIDR to me personally but I’m more a relational information type of person in how things are retained for me, personally.

Again, i think some things are misconstrued about this answer. The fact remains of original intent and placement and understanding individual character with regards to functional information. The thing is this: this guy is like legendary for being able to communicate certain ideas. And I respectfully apologize for not fully understanding all the hardship associated. Rather than “this is just some dumb shit for some asshole to consume” which is the entirety of the fucking problem we face as a society. I don’t know, I’m not dying to learn it and remember it all right this second but I’ll get it down eventually.

I’m going to say that this is a logical question and that the answer probably makes sense but that I don’t have enough experience with the CLI to understand exactly why or when it would say that. This isn’t unexpected but its good to realize. It’s also good to know that down down is a layer 1 issue.

You now, again, I respectfully submit that I dont really know any thing about this but am willing to learn. As such, I would assume that displaying version info would be the router firmware or whatever they are calling it, and as such would not show any addressing information. E is my only guess.

Good to know.

This is possibly basic knowledge but confusing in context.

This is, a logical answer. The term ‘Layer 2 Switch’ is sightly confusing as it seems like ive heard something of a ‘Layer 3 Switch’ which was essentially a router. I could be wrong here but who knows. Anyway, really hard material to get through but at least it’s not math that will actually make you cry hahaha

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