Question 50

Match the letters below with the corresponding numbers. (i tried to use a table but thats pushing the limits
of tumblr HTML, ie i couldnt get it to work)

1.A record

2.CNAME record

3.AAAA record

4.PTR record

5.MX record

6.SVR record

A.Alias record

B.Enables reverse lookups for a host record.

C.A host resource record maps the FQDN of any computer in the domain to its
IPv4 address.

D.Identify’s the exchange mail sever responsible for managing mail flow in
your organization.

E.Used by services such as active directory domain services or applications like office communicator use specific protocols that
enable communication.

F. This record maps the FQDN of any computer in the domain to its IPv6 address.

Answer:1:C, 2:A, 3:F, 4:B, 5:D, 6:E. This wasnt as complicated for formatting as I wanted it to be
Was hoping to get to use some additional coding but regardless heres the answer. Hopefully its legible.

Part 5 of 7?…..more questions from Bazze…i mean Q

On to part 5, part 4 went mostly well. Currently reading another book
that has test prep questions but doesnt have the answers. I might try to tackle these in this format at some point in the future. However as the release candidates for 2016 are upon us im not sure of
the validity or usefulness of this process. Thats kind of irrelevant to the point of learning html and server though. Not to delve too far into the personal zone but I had a job interview
of sorts that went fairly well. Im pretty sure I was interviewed by a dementor but I actually appreciate playing hardball
and asking real questions that demand real answers. Its not easy to explain the reasons for having large resume gaps or that you functioned as a tattooer previously while trying to couple that
with very relevant small business skills that translate fairly well into large scale deployments. Regardless, more test prep questions and TechNet articles.

41. Lucrecita is the systems admin for which is currently established as a single domain. All the servers run either 2012 or 2012R2. Recently she notices that the
hard disk on DHCP server named Server6 has failed. She installs a new harddisk performs a bare metal restore from a recent backup. Lucrecita must ensure that DHCP clients do not receive IP addresses that have
already been leased to other DHCP clients what option should she configure?

A. Set the DHCP server option 47 to 0

B. Set the DHCP server option 47 to 1

C. Set the Conflict Detection value to 0.

D. Set the Conflict Detection value to 1.

Answer: D, enabling conflict detection ensures that an ip is only leased to one client. Q goes on to inform us that DHCP uses the
ping command to verify that address is not currently in use

42. Your network consists of two subnets. Users on Subnet1 complain that they are unable to access any resources outside of their subnet. No other users from any other subnet are experiencing the issue.
You review the DHCP configuration for Subnet1 and notice that the Router option does not exist. Which option allows you to specify the ip address of the
router or default gateway?

A. 044 WINS/NBNS servers

B. 003 Router

C. 066 Boot Server Host Name

D. 030 Router

Answer:Per Q the answer is B, personally I honestly have no idea, I understand the concept but for all practical purposes once you understood the concept
couldnt you Google the answer? Or is that me being lazy from the prospect of memorization?

43. The (why cant I just say contoso?) network contains a single forest., and
are child domains. Mike is the admin of and Bob is the admin for Mike needs to
authorize a DHCP server for his domain. What does Mike need to do to authorize his server?

A. Authorize the server in the parent domain

B. Authorize the server in

C. Authorize the server in all domains in the forest

D. Authorize the server in

Answer: obviously the answer to this is going to vary based on the scope/subnet that the server is supporting but given that
the question posed seems to be indicating that the server will be serving addresses to the sauce clients im going to assume that its B. However it could
be necessary to authorize the server globally in order for it to serve the sauce clients IP’s specifically but that doesnt seem overly
logical from a practical stand point as it could lead to some problems with conflicts and so forth. Q confirms the intent was B

44. Which of the following messages are exchanged between an IPv6 client computer and DHCPv6 server when requesting configuration
information? Choose all that apply and pick a proper sequence in which the messages are exchanged.

A. Discover

B. Offer

C. Advertise

D. Request

E. Solicit

F. Confirm

G. Reply

Answer: C, D, E, G I havent included images in these before but I think this one is helpful even though its for IPv4 because we should be aware of the differences right?
Im not exactly sure why the IPv4 DHCP process is so much simpler but its not horrible confusing by comparison. Subnetting on the other hand is awful.

 photo IC196966_zps3k6j9vt6.gif

45.You are the administrator for the domain. You are installing a new development server named Server1. You need to make sure Server1 does not receive any
IP addresses from the DHCP server, Server2. What should you configure to accommodate this?

A. DHCP Exclusion

B. DHCP Reservation

C. DHCP Filter

D. DHCP Block Service

Answer: To block a specific client or device from obtaining a ip address from a DHCP server you would configure the mac address into an exclusion rule, A. I was way off, per Q its C

46. Tai is the systems administrator for a company that operates an ADDS network consisting of a single domain. The company has
been using a Windows 2000 server running WINS as a solution for DNS in the network. As part of a mve to decommission all older server and convert the
network to using Windows Server 2012 R2 servers exclusively, Tai needs to configure DNS to provide forest-wide single name resolution. What should she do?

A. Create a secondary zone named GloablNames. Add host (A) resource records for all computers that require single name resolution. Then create corresponding secondary zones on all other DNS
servers on the network.

B. Create an Active Directory-integrated zone named GlobalNames. Add A records for all computers that require
single name resolution.

C. Create SVR Records for all computers that require single name resolution.

D. Create CNAME records for all computers that require single name resolution.

Answer: B, I honestly had no idea on this one so I should study this technology more.

47. Server1 is a Windows Server 2012R2 server with the DNS role installed. You need to review the root hints for Server1. What steps should you take to accompish this (each answer is a complete solution and you need to
pick two)

A. Open the %systemroot%system32dnscache.dns file on Server1 using notepad.exe

B. Open the %systemroot%systemdnscache.dns file on Server1 using notepad.exe

C. Use the root hints tab of the DNS Server Properties dialog box.

D. Use the HLKMDNS registry hive.

Answer: So you clearly need to view the root hints by opening the cache file, now its a mater of location. My guess is
B but it is most assuredly a guess. The second answer, well any time i see the phrase “hive” I get a little nervous as they are talking about a collective
of programming entries and im not a programmer so in my ignorance I pick C or find a coder to as. Well per Q I was on the right track but its in the ~32 folder so A,C

48. Your network consists of a single Active directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that hosts the primary DNS zone for the company. All of the 8.1 client machines are
configured to use DC1 as the primary DNS server. You need to configure DC1 as the primary DNS server. You need to configure DC1 to use your
ISP’s DNS server to resolve all name resolution requests that fall outside of What should you configure?

A. An AAAA Record containing your ISP’s DNS server.

B. A forwarder containing your ISP’s DNS server.

C. A forward lookup zone for your ISP.

D. A reverse lookup zone for your ISP

Answer: So with what little I know Im assuming this going to be some form of forwarder and after checking the links its for sure B & Q confirms

49. You are the admin for (you guessed it) suzuie wongs hous… You have just installed your first DC to create the domain and you need
to replace the configuration for DNS to send any unresolved DNS client queries and all external queries to your ISPs DNS server.
Which PowerShell cmdlet must you execute to accomplish this objective?

A. Add-DNSServerForwarder

B. Add-DNSServerPrimaryZone

C. Set-DNSServerforwarder

D. Set-DNSServerPrimaryZone

Answer: Well first you need to create a zone so you need to create a primary zone then you need to create a forwarder. Theres so many questions about configuration
with this one Q. Why so vague? Theres also a PS issue here because A will ad but not replace so to set you need to run C

50. We are going skip this question but spend some time on the one above, for now. Perhaps we will revisit but its a long table
describing DNS record types. I recommend Learn DNS as it has all the basic definitions, not a bad place to start

A case study inĀ business class upgrades

Ok so lets make a fake scenario that I previously called a user story but thats not really correct nomenclature as that has to do with software dev
so I supposed we will call this a case study. Since im really new to HTML im going to be annoying with formatting for the sake of fun so please excuse.

Your company Stevie B’s Chicken A’la King A’la Carte (considering building a real website or possibly FB page for this fake business) has 60 machines all need to be upgraded to windows 10 pro (none of which are laptops because they are all being replaced in one
purchase order next year). Your domain is currently set at the Server 2012 R2 functional level as your company attempts to keep up with the latest technology.

basic requirement’s:

  • Min of 500 gig’s of harddrive space
  • Min 5 gigs of ram

So given that you have

32 vista total upgrades
Machine vendor of choice Dell
machine price per @ rec’d specs: $679 = $21,728

    • 7 windows 7 machines need only 2 gigs of ram and an extra 250 gig hard drive
      lics $199 X 7 = 1393

      240 pin ddr3 2 gig (seemed to be the most common ram type currently in prod) $16 per unit for corsair value ram (showing brand preference here and inferring a problem with calculating exact shipping totals due to lack of current stock from our vendor of choice)
      , a little better than the bottom of the line) x 7 = 111.93

      For some reason management ok’d testing SSD drive durability in response to planning future laptop purchases
      7 @ 87.59 per = 613.87

      Assuming shipping to be $20.00 after creating a Newegg premiere account, current lack of information on savings due to current stock issues.

      Here is the ram and harddrives that we chose to use

       photo 0AA0AB39-36E2-4E33-9CD2-3B86F1041ED8_zpsonlk16cv.jpg

      • Total = $2,138.8
        • 21 machines only require a new Windows license’s
          license’s $199 x 21 = $4,179
      • Norton ghost license cost/efficiency (is still a thing, its been a while since I did an upgrade at the one that I did was through
        a company that spent in a lavish manor when technology was involved) close to a 1k per 20 machines
      • Total cost using native imaging solutions and machine upgrades for all machines:

          • 60 machines = $28,045.80 + ~1k if we use Norton Ghost

      I realize that the organizational structure isnt perfect but its the best I can do given my current limitational understandings of HTML formatting.
      So im doing my best to make it look nice and organized. Perhaps we could insert a table here but not sure how tumblr will respond to that slice of code

      So next we need to figure out exactly how we propose to implement all this.

      Edit: so after trying to make the formatting better and drinking a few cups of coffee Stevie B’s Chickin A’la King A’la Carte decided that It would be a good idea (to switch to a wordpress site) to go a head and purchase the the 20 licenses from Symantec because we’ve been around a while and Norton was good to us back in the day but they really faced some stiff competition from other anti-virus products. So we decided to go ahead and buy the licenses because as a respectable company/organization we like to show respect to other respectable company’s. We may or may not use this softwear depending upon how well we are able to roll out in a test envroment using native Windows tools.

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