Azure, Pt 7! Now with more Dev blogs! and LOASP

So I’ve kind of been worrying lately about educating my self out of a job because lately reciters are calling and asking if I know something about a thing that I have a certification for and explaining both hands on and education they are kind of shocked to learn that I actually know what I’m talking about and can point out examples of using it. Not all of them but a fair number. Anyway, I like to learn and am now fairly proficient at learning new tech concepts. I was working for a company doing password resets for user logins, mostly, with an MCSA on Server 2012 so being ‘under employed’ for my education level is less stressful than being unemployed. Anyway, I’m kind of trying to take it slow while realizing that I’m easily board and like to have things to do. Also my desk is great so I love sitting here and studying. That said I ordered an art history book and am haggling with a guy over the price on a 3 volume set about the crusades on eBay to occupy my time now that I’ve completely rebuilt my living space haha. Its much more expensive on Amazon but this is what I was talking about: History of The Crusades, 3 Volume Set: The First Crusade, The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Kingdom of… by Steven Runciman and I was kind of thinking about starting another blog to write about thoughts expressed in those two books so I don’t have to worry so much about being completely overqualified for everything and having to speak with people who don’t believe me and have little motivation to help me acquire appropriate employment. I’m not saying that every person I speak with has this attitude but its kind of a running joke. Besides, I love art and history and it can be very good subject to have lots of knowledge about for dealing with understanding certain situations. This provides a path for education, I plan to keep learning as long as I’m breathing, and possibly wont educate me out of a job. Dont know though. Depends on my mood. Currently thinking I’m enjoying learning Azure and might just do nothing but flip flop between the two subjects. Three subjects, sorry. Anyway, lets get into Azure.

There are a few issues here. First of all it says 3 actions and you can only pick one. Second I’m assuming you have to have a gateway subnet before you can actually create the VPN Gateway? Assuming they simply mean the subnet thats assigned to that gateway. Anyway, lets take a look to verify this with the linked article: Step-By-Step: Configuring a site-to-site VPN Gateway between Azure and On-Premise

After this is created then you actually create the gateway

Then you create the VPN

There is actually another step in this before creating the VPN that the question seems to be skipping.

Ok, so this one is missing a few things. It had the “further information” button but it was totally blank so what the hell are blueprint files? Is this a thing or is it simply a file called blueprint? Anyway, lets start with Google: What is Azure Blueprints?

Just as a blueprint allows an engineer or an architect to sketch a project’s design parameters, Azure Blueprints enables cloud architects and central information technology groups to define a repeatable set of Azure resources that implements and adheres to an organization’s standards, patterns, and requirements. Azure Blueprints makes it possible for development teams to rapidly build and stand up new environments with trust they’re building within organizational compliance with a set of built-in components, such as networking, to speed up development and delivery.

So now we have an idea of this but regardless we seem to be just copying files. Anyway, lets check this out: Use an Azure file share with Windows

So its using SMB and requiring a key to login to the Azure share but it doesn’t seem to be encrypting the traffic. To my knowledge SMB doesn’t encrypt traffic but lets find out!

SMB Encryption uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-CCM algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data. AES-CCM also provides data integrity validation (signing) for encrypted file shares, regardless of the SMB signing settings. If you want to enable SMB signing without encryption, you can continue to do this. For more information, see The Basics of SMB Signing.

Yep, its encrypted. You may have to actually turn it on if your using SMB 2.0 but you shouldnt use that any way. If im understanding it right

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So whats ‘Storage Explorer’ Doctor Nick? I’m not sure, lets see if its real: Get started with Storage Explorer

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a standalone app that makes it easy to work with Azure Storage data on Windows, macOS, and Linux. In this article, you’ll learn several ways of connecting to and managing your Azure storage accounts.

Sure does seem like you would be able to drag and drop doesn’t it? But really, your just logging into your Azure drives through a desktop app rather than a web browser. I wonder if it run’s better in chrome. Probably lol

This makes no sense because 5 mins ago ‘Network Contributor’ did not mean you could ‘Create a Subnet’! is a Virtual Network different than a subnet? The fuck are they talking about here.

ok boomer. I musta had been mistaken about some detail. I’ll get it ironed out.

Basic shell commands for network troubleshooting are so fucking primitive, i cant even. lol, anyway. One would assume that ‘Diagnostics” did not mean ‘troubleshoot’. Anyway, is connection troubleshoot real? Also, the fuck do they mean by VM Blade??? The woooorlllddd may never know. Im not even goin there with that one. I’m not inclined to believe that it is. Troubleshooting connectivity problems between Azure VMs

I have, no fucking idea whats going on here and the Overview is of no help. Lets start with ‘Entity Framework’

The Entity Framework provides the glue between your object oriented code and the SQL Azure relational database in a framework that is fully compatible with your skills and development tools. Integrated into Visual Studio, and part of ADO.NET, the entity framework provides object relational map capabilities that help an application developer focus on the needs of the application as opposed to the complexities of bridging disparate data representations.

dev blogs dont get cited

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Just kidding lol Why use the Entity Framework with SQL Azure?

Look, I don’t even know what the API error is!!! How much do you expect me to research this without MORE DATA. …. ok boomers, all right. Connection Resiliency

Connection resiliency automatically retries failed database commands. The feature can be used with any database by supplying an “execution strategy”, which encapsulates the logic necessary to detect failures and retry commands. EF Core providers can supply execution strategies tailored to their specific database failure conditions and optimal retry policies.

Looks like its being used here but the specifics of ‘exponential backoff’ are not here and its probably some SQL stuff that I’m, not getting into today but I atleast have an idea of what the hell this is even if they say what the API error is that appears to be an issue with data insertion.

That’s all for now, may go for a run and then learn some more. Running 8k’s fairly consistently. Much faster than last year. Ran a mile in 10:45 but trying to get to a 60 min 10k eventually so even a 10 min mile isnt fast enough for that at all. Whatever, I’ll figure it out. Fuck having a girl friend lol

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