Today’s efforts

Interesting few days here at the….whatever camp this is (stevie bs chicken a la king a la carte?). Had the opportunity to install a massive number of laptops for testing purposes. I walked into a room with 3 pallets of netbooks and thought I had arrived at an all
you can eat buffet of technology setting up. It was awesome. Also got to take a field trip to a bar that specializes in comic books. Very amazing, they have a good selection and seem knowledgeable about beer and comics. That’s a rare find. I like good beer but it sure
does sit heavy on the stomach and ABV. I could seriously see that being an amazing establishment for a dude that’s reached the depths of nerdom that I have to go and buy this week’s issues or a trade and sit and drink beer while being totally oblivious to any social activities that might be going on. Yeah if I was a working man I would probably do that often. I guess I can do that at home and drink coffee as I recently discovered my local library has a large amount of x-men trades that will probably take me years to read though. I would like to read through them all though because im just that nerdy and they are just that free.

So we have a lot of 4 questions today and then I go through the prep exam until im hitting the 90s then consider testing again or trying to get a passing score on the 70-411 test. I’ve decided that im not going to study the math portion at this point because it feels like a black hole where I know what’s on the test and I have no idea where to find the resources to study for it. Which leads me to the realization that I possibly just wont do well on that portion and hopefully I can skate by on my core server skills sets.

The first question displays an error that would show up if you created a security group as a distro group. Distro groups have very limited use and to be honest outside of exchange im not sure what they are used for. Or how their creation and existence works within office 365.  Actually im unsure of a whole lot of things when it comes to the actual implementation of office 365, hopefully Ill get to see it use in an office one day. Or a homeless shelter.

 photo 2016-04-22_zpstm9u4wj5.png

 photo 2016-04-21_zpsia4ofptb.png

 photo 2016-04-22 1_zpshd5i8s6h.png

This is the first time I have heard of a DACL. I guess this is kind of a one off issue as its using powershell. Surely there is a way to convert in the GUI. Might not be a bad thing to look up. Of course we come across a real gem of a video, how did this guy program
himself into server like that one video from MTV!!!?!

Jokes aside this idea of mail enabled groups, is this possible with security groups? Man this makes me feel like such a n00b. This video isn’t exactly helpful for this question but it is amusing.

On a more serious note this is possibly the best video or general source of information about groups that I have seen so far and it does explain the ideas mentioned above although it doesn’t explain how to convert in the GUI.

Although this is fairly helpful in that regard even though its a little old its a great article with screenshots.


From what I understand which is limited, since everything is theoretical and nothing in practice, a server should pretty much never be assigned an IP using DHCP. Im not completely sure why as network resources on computers using DHCP are still available but I think that’s just how it works for some reason. I understand thinks like DNS servers have to have static ips as the address is given when DHCP occurs but other than that Im not exactly clear on why. Even that though, shouldn’t a DHCP server be smart enough to recognize a DNS server and realize the address that its giving out then update itself? I suppose this could cause some errors in non renewed machines leading to a big headache in case of a restart. Anyway lets get on the actual question.

 photo 2016-04-22 16_zpsjn7itxw6.png

 photo 2016-04-22 15_zps8txprfc5.png

After looking at these two pieces of information I’m still only certain of a few things, register DNS has nothing to do with the problem, it appears to have an enabled NIC and judging by the answer this leaves something to do with DHCP that I have no idea how to actually deduce from the question.

 photo 2016-04-22 17_zpsy6z27yt0.png

So im going to argue not with the answer but the explanation, you should configure it with a static ip because its a server then refresh. It doesn’t make sense to say choose two right answers, that’s absurd. configure with a static ip and be done with it. Assuming that you
still have to run a renew after configuring a static ip otherwise the whole scenario just seems bunk. Im sure there is someone out there that could make this scenario make sense to me and I would like to meet that person as I have so many questions about servers
and DHCP.


This is one is really straightforward, if you need to reduce CPU clock cycles enable SR-IOV. Kind of the end of the story.

 photo 2016-04-22 11_zpshdk3oviz.png

 photo 2016-04-22 12_zpsj5j6h2y0.png


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