CCNA Book, Ch 15 Operating Cisco Routers

Welp, chapter 15. Exciting stuff. Cant wait to go through and read the entire book after this. At some point I need to figure out how to get a PDF copy of the second book. It’s honestly proving to be super helpful in serving as more of an introduction to CCNA stuff, as the book is Cisco specific, than Network+ did. Not saying the Network+ is unhelpful but the CCNA book is great for prep. Anyway, I found this great new old school black metal tape. Super necro and awesome. I’m sure if your reading this your also into super obscure 90’s Scandinavian metal. So, i’ll put this here for you.

Anyway, uha lets some questttions just a few of uhm,,,,

I would go with A and E but there is probably some sort of config that has to be done. Possibly C

Shocked at the serial cable use but unsurprising. Somehow. Not sure how but maybe. Why not have a magical bluetooth stool to set them on that configures them with magic. This would be more efficient.

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I read this when setting these questions in earlier this morning, B

This is odd information to include and in hind sight I think its an import curb to a lot of things. I cant really say what but wasn’t there some info on routers where it depended on what level you where logged into? I mean, honestly, I remember this same effect appearing somewhere else before. This seems slightly different though. As to why, I’m not really sure but parties in question are not overly concerned at this point. The fact remains that, I’ll figure it out later. Possibly another question of fast food or something haha

I honestly have no idea. Personally, this stuff is slightly “more interesting” than CIDR to me personally but I’m more a relational information type of person in how things are retained for me, personally.

Again, i think some things are misconstrued about this answer. The fact remains of original intent and placement and understanding individual character with regards to functional information. The thing is this: this guy is like legendary for being able to communicate certain ideas. And I respectfully apologize for not fully understanding all the hardship associated. Rather than “this is just some dumb shit for some asshole to consume” which is the entirety of the fucking problem we face as a society. I don’t know, I’m not dying to learn it and remember it all right this second but I’ll get it down eventually.

I’m going to say that this is a logical question and that the answer probably makes sense but that I don’t have enough experience with the CLI to understand exactly why or when it would say that. This isn’t unexpected but its good to realize. It’s also good to know that down down is a layer 1 issue.

You now, again, I respectfully submit that I dont really know any thing about this but am willing to learn. As such, I would assume that displaying version info would be the router firmware or whatever they are calling it, and as such would not show any addressing information. E is my only guess.

Good to know.

This is possibly basic knowledge but confusing in context.

This is, a logical answer. The term ‘Layer 2 Switch’ is sightly confusing as it seems like ive heard something of a ‘Layer 3 Switch’ which was essentially a router. I could be wrong here but who knows. Anyway, really hard material to get through but at least it’s not math that will actually make you cry hahaha

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