Ch. 6 – Implementing Switch Port Security

Well today is interesting. My aunt isnt feeling up to going over to my grandmothers so we are staying home tomarrow. This is fine with me. Ive also been looking at fuzz pedals all day. or all afternoon. I found one I really like and I already own a fuzz pedal but the thing is, im a doom guy at heart and like you can never have enough good examples of fuzz pedals. I’m not going into it but yeah. I mean I love black metal but doom is just a thing in the south. shockingly soulful loud guitar driven rock that sounds like someone smoked a large amount of weed is like a thing or was a thing. Im not really sure

Anyway, yeah, I also painted a new nightstand and have a few other things to do. My room is really a thing that I’ve been working on making awesome because I spend all my time there.

I have no idea what the hell this even means.

Ok, that makes sense. I’m learning cisco so I have no idea … lets keep this going.

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There is some bullshit in this. Like he mentions the config isn’t saved and talks abut a default but the assumption is, that’s the running config. Which lead me to assume A and C and im still not sure if im wrong.

learning CLI

good to know

No idea, these all seem fairly specific but really it seems like that’s a lot of growth of concern. How long have I been reading this. Not sure. …

This makes sense as you just keep doing a good job till your err disabled because cogitative dissonance.

I would guess B and C here. Shutting down the entire switch for one bad frame seems a bit drastic and exploitable.

Anyway, I started on this several days ago but finally got around to finishing it. I am going so damn slow with this CCNA thing. I’ll probably get it this year but jesus christ am I taking my time. That said I have been doing stuff around the house again and making music. Or like doing stuff to make music. There is so much god damn software and file arrangements its crazy but you know, getting some really quality stuff here so its worth it. Currently feeling like a cup of joe and a small break then over to the new Dell 7790 AIO to get a new m-audio 61 key midi controller set up to play actually note sensistive music on synths. also I wanted to say this

lanterns Moroccan ceiling lamp near Style Lantern great image 0

And if you have any questions about Doom Metal please consult a doctor.

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