MOor SCCM plz

Had lots of interesting job offers the past few days. None of them will actually lead to employment but it is an encouraging sign. Its exhausting though and takes me out of my study headspace which is both good and frustrating at the same time. I Possibly should come up for air but at the same time I really enjoyed being in an almost autonomous mode where all thought about was what music I was going to listen to and what I needed to learn next. I could also be suffering from what I personally refer to as illidan syndrome where when I get close to finishing something big I just give up or slow down. I promised I wouldn’t let myself do that here and Im getting stoked on going back to class and meeting new people. Its frustrating at times but I guess somehow I can trust that the world will take me where I need to go? That didn’t sound like a question but it still kind of felt like it. I can trust that I will work hard for the most part, some say patients is a virtue but persistence may very well be one as well.

Lets move on to some questions, this first number is about bitlocker, a technology that I sort of got to see the first hand use of during my tenure at SunTrust. Any unencrypted drive gets treatment from a drill press before heading out the door, a process I found enlightening it has nothing to do with this question but its still awesome that they take data that seriously. There isn’t a whole lot of discussion
around this, just memorization.

 photo 2016-06-27 7_zpsjxsmbf21.png

 photo 2016-06-27 8_zpszlwucq89.png


This question isn’t all that confusing but it is specific. To tell the truth I mostly understand it but not completely. Like why is name resolution so important and what are you resolving? Shared resources like drives or are we resolving to things like applications, specific computers? All of the above? Not sure but I have a feeling that if I stick with it ill figure it out.

 photo 2016-06-27 5_zpswq1qnoiq.png

 photo 2016-06-27 6_zpsz9fdie2n.png

Not really a whole lot to discuss other than the confusion around exactly what we are resolving to.


This is more of a strategy thing because you could do a non-authoritative restore but apparently that takes longer. That was honestly my first thought when reading the question but I guess I understand what they are saying in this case.

 photo 2016-06-27 9_zpscoh3ujgg.png

 photo 2016-06-27 10_zps3okzyzqk.png

This is one of those questions that taxes the brain in terms of reading when trying to do a large volume of questions at once. What Ive learned is that most of the time only the last paragraph matters if you are to the point of actually being able to do some what know
what you are doing. In that case this methodology proves mostly true because they only way to not effect (which you dont care what they are or what the other domains are, its just irrelevant information) other users is create a child dom. There probably is a another strat for this but we are not presented with it and im not sure of what it is. The only thing that is of note is the 2003 part, which is where they could get you on an alternate strat if you do know what you are doing. Given that its ’16 the likelihood of you running into this scenario while having a ’03 DC is unlikely but I guess its still and important note.

 photo 2016-06-27 2_zpsautxqvn1.png

 photo 2016-06-27 3_zpsx0jckvzz.png

 photo 2016-06-27 4_zpsb2myjju4.png


This one kind of bothers me because everyone in the field is using SCCM in the field so if you talk about WDS during a deployment people are going to assume you dont know what your talking about. I also honestly dont feel like its wordy enough to get the complete
picture of the answer they want you to have. Ok so they are managed and prestaged, understood? Sorry for the bad crop job.

 photo 2016-06-27_zpst3jnzooa.png

 photo 2016-06-27 1_zpsmziptdoj.png

 photo 2016-06-29_zpsofq6j2be.png


Again, lots of options, winrm is the only right choice even though they dont say “quick config” and honestly msft is better about this on live tests. See the answer key for what the rest of them do. I really should type out each one as a reminder but its laid out below and I should be able to read it because I highly doubt any one will read this.

 photo 2016-06-27 14_zps7yuaormb.png

 photo 2016-06-27 15_zps6mtpjju4.png


As far as I know the terminology is still up to date on this one and the answer is surprisingly the simple one.

 photo 2016-06-27 11_zpspvw3nonr.png

 photo 2016-06-27 12_zps0lnjfm1n.png

 photo 2016-06-27 13_zps6z5xk2wb.png


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