CCNA Book, Ch. 12

Well, not smoking is going pretty good. Cutting down pretty quick. Did some cardio yesterday, didnt try to hard and was on a shitty treadmill and got 3 miles in at like 38-39 mins and could have done another 3 miles at the same pace. Thought about doing arms afterwords but for some reason the guys at the front counter where acting all pissed off that I could not only run that pace but like dance on the treadmill at that pace…even at the end of the run haha… I dont know why they care. I mean eventually im running a 60 min 10k. So its kind of whatever

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Anyway, those old school shorts are dooooopppe. Lets get into some questions

B and C. I did actually know this one. Somehow. class B and C get a little woozy

Well, per the (previous email) it would appear to be E

Good work Ace Job .

I’m going to say B and C. Default is a safe term. The network ID, I dont think is that static because its related to subnetting right? D seems possible but I’m not convinced.

Goood to know lol … ok b=16 … i will totally do my best to remember this.

C and uha D i think is wrong because this is a class C, A isnt really making alot of sense. Maybe Just C

How embarssng but hey, im on a learning adventure and not simply trying to be a jerk. So this is the good news.

This is for sure D because of the range of the address of broadcasts is al…i dont know how to say that right

Welp, this was a rather short post! Which kind of works out because really, I need to get ready for work and quit playin. Being a fucking jerk is not the way to get nice and intelligent and …,/;’P people to think your interesting. Unrelated to blog post

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