Ch 17 – IP Routing in the LAN

Well this is post two for the day. Not sure If ill get through it but you know. I’ll do as much as I can without actually having to think about any thing and then go from there. Hopefully that works well haha. By not thinking I mean, dumping all the images in at once and then starting to work on it because it seems as if I’m putting effort forward or towards it. There are so many ways to say that it. Kind of odd.

hip – hop. Anyone that says that in part of the world is perp. Straight up if you say hip-hop your probably like a college student lol. It’s called trap. Why is it called trap, no fucking clue. It is what it is haha Like when I say College Student, I mean the same dick that read one Nietzsche survey book and thinks they understand philosophy and fills you full of hot takes without understanding that he was pissed that people ruined Christianity which was supposed to be an easy way to understand Greek philosophy with a nice little narrative for you on the front part. Worst case it tells you to be a nice person but oh boy lol. Anyway, hot takes? Is it a hot take? Lets ask 2Pac

Anyway, somehow also a big fan of this band. You may have never heard of them and there’s probably a reason for that. Shockingly, I’m not getting into this conversation but you know what, “the streets are real” buddy Phil and I followed this band around the South when I was in college. They have been around FOREVER. I actually got to see them again last year and it was awesome!

You know, after some refreshing tunes, im back in the mood to write. I read the answer accidently but to be real A and E where my first choices. F, im not sure about. Lets find out what it is.

IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation is configurable on Ethernet and EtherChannel interfaces. IEEE 802.1Q is a standard protocol for interconnecting multiple switches and routers and for defining VLAN topologies.

Use the encapsulation dot1q command in subinterface range configuration mode to apply a VLAN ID to the subinterface.

Well, that helps explain ‘trunking’ which really could mean any range of things that relate to concept of grouping IP addresses together. Regardless of what they tell you it means, that’s how it seems to be used.

Not sure here because I’m not following all the logic to this yet but my guess is A and D because 1.1 got the shutdown and 1.2 got the now shutdown?

Ok, i’m not sure what administratively down means at this point. That’s fine.

Mannnnn, seems like there should be several answers here. I would assume a router and a mask. There’s no info on the subnet specifics, right? Or are those in order. It would appear so but why only VLAN 2? Is this a trick question?

ok so the mask is wrong but he actually used normal CIDR math here. Which somehow seems to be troublesome and it should show all the VLANs. No next hop though.

D seems likely.. VLAN 4 isnt mentioned. A seems improbable. C maybe?

ok, that makes sense.

Welp, two questions left. I made it! Anyway, this is fairly specific router configuration stuff, which I have no prior knowledge of but I do understand what its saying. This is kind of all arbitarty configuration rules that I cant use logic to solve.

coool… totally understood.

Im guessing C and D. A is a global setting I would assume. B is kind of odd but duplexing issues do exist.

So duplexing issues do exist! and VLAN doesn’t play a factor here. Anyway, I’m kind of sleepy and am going to go to bed. Also, this band has such questionable lyrics (lol). the point being that it doesn’t matter ,,, because its about VALUES more than the obvious.

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