Ch 20 – Implementing OSPF

Well, had an interview today. Went well. Who knows, its good to talk to people regardless. I wasn’t really shy about it at work. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I think it’s funny because people will absolutely not mention it to you and then turn around and some other sort of weird passive aggressive action that proves they have no interest in your life while being weird and nosy. Not to mention generally unhelpful. I don’t know why people are like that. Anyway, its also currently 5 pm and I’m still in my cup realizing that typing a text document while using a monitor that’s so far in my pe·riph·er·al (had trouble spelling it apparently) that I have to almost look behind me is possibly a bad idea. I also have an appointment with my trainer at 6:30. Being the reason that I’m still at work. I have 6 months left of that and I will say this, LA Fitness does not make the personal training experience enjoyable. Not because they make you work but because they either don’t want to show up to work or want to physically get you mad enough to hit them. This is absurd. I wont go into the negotiation on what I had to do to pay them what I signed up for because the counter girl didn’t put the contract on my card but put my regular membership on it. I will say that used car dealers seem less sketchy though haha. I really don’t know why people are like this. Just show up and do your job. I’ve had better results not reading any thing online ,,, and doing everything on my own. I can actually run I squat a pretty good amount. 250 in a slim fit large is no joke. Let’s get to work on these questions then go do some under handed upsey lollolys while our feet dont look like we are taking a shit on the floor and trying to clap hands

No fucking clue. lets think about this. We could be using fucked up CIDR and masking again. I mean, thats either a really large range of IPs or addresses on different subnets because generally people don’t implement subnets of that size. I’ll guess B

Nice Job! It still brings up the question of “what of that tell is to use OSPF but – we will get to that.

27 diver dan curles using your tritoid in fakie … weird, is this the same question? I mean, I have no fucking clue what it’s saying so I’m going to assume so. Oh shit, we’ve grown to an even larger scale now with that. That’s a lot of hosts here. D?

I see the logic with the zero instead of the one but I still think its debatable. the .1 should be a network id. Do we really have to start with 0 to include the network ID? Am I understanding that right. Help me Ob1dahwendel

Wendell Odom on Twitter: "Me n dad at his 1st #GATech hoops game; a fan for  80 yrs. #togetherweswarm… "


:::whistles in spongebod::: uha, guessing C …?

ok, that’s fine. I mean A seems right. So does E but…. oh it does say choose 2. damn.

No idea, this isn’t using logic or math per-say. It’s kind of something you have to know. Network doesn’t seem right given the previous use of it. I would say A

Good to know.

I have no fucking clue what they mean by delay. Also, A and C are vaguely similar though A seems to be pulling from experience and C seems to be calculating real time. If, I where guessing.

Nice, i was right. I still have no idea what delay is.

This is actually a pick two but it doesn’t say pick two. Funny that I actually read the information presented. Good one. One would assume A and D haha, i mean, if naming conventions are a thing when using logic.

I was right. Nice. Now off to do some reverse monkey paw upper javalines in a downward dog pose then walk the plank. Those are the best. I do wonder sometimes. How my lower delt legumes are doing?

Here’s a great band for you haha

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