Ch 24 – Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers

Welp, Its Friday. Another adventure in existing. I’m waiting to hear back on some new opportunities. Again, not too excited to leave my current spot but not overly tied to it for reasons of loyalty or anything like that. I did order some at home drug tests to see how long it takes the amphetamines in ecstasy to roll out of my system. Will I ever get in trouble for posting this on my blog? My real question is, will I ever get recognition for actually making this and putting the effort into helping my self and hopefully having other people struggling to climb the latter in the IT world find it and learn how to studies for exams. That would be much better. I’ll post spicy stuff to see if I can draw a crowd though lol. Anyway, I haven’t taken any since about 7 am yesterday and the kits come in today. Honestly would not be surprised if I piss clean. I’m hoping to go to the gym after work too. Run 3 miles, sets of assisted dips and pullups, start working on my bench by doing a lot of reps (20) with no weight on the bar and maybe do some squats last. My bench is terrible. I can barely do sets at 100 lbs lol. I’ve been working on the dips and pull up so I can get into army though. I don’t think getting into army makes you do bench press but its probably a good idea. I took a nice picture of what my shoulders are looking like from the dips and pull ups this morning though. I have a lot of tattoos but you can see that below. Summer before last I was over 300 lbs so I’m doing really good with this fitness goals thing. Hacker man does a great job with details ,,, on the C


Anyway, lets get into some questions

D? A is close but the lack of a space seems unusual. Stop me if I’m wrong here lol

ok, so no space. Interesting but clearly with cmd line stuff I’m formulating a guess. Without doxxing anything, I’m not surprised I’m not sure of ever answer here but that’s the point of learning in a fashion that subverts arbitrary gatekeeping thus subduing my nihilism.

I have no clue how that works.

This sounds a lot harder than it is. the only tricky part is figuring out where the FF:FE goes.

B seems right if there where only one answer but I’m going with A and C

No idea. The hex math gets complex here and it may or may not be logical.

Yeah, I may or may not put effort into learning this depending on what the VCE looks like. I’n previous exam stuhdy time, I’ve found that subnetting in this manor is emphasized but often not really cover’d

No clue

I mean, I liked the look’s of A but it was simply a guess.

Do these two sound a like?

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