Ch 26 – Fundamentals of Wireless Networks

Well, its Sunday. Thinking about doing blog posts and studying. Really excited about this one. Laughing at, this sounds absurd, but production companies that sell sound packs realizing im really good at making beats and sending email blasts when I buy a 30 dollar DI for a guitar to my PC to add, yet another “lil bit a flava” to the mix haha. I do it with the cheapest shit ever and it sounds amazing. Possibly because of things like Analog Obsession which I dont know who runs that but they are seriously good at development. What ever bro, maybe don’t be a gatekeeping asshole and stop me from getting mine. lol its like the “great rapper Ritz one said, Turn up on me Imma turn that shit down.” I could absolutely care less about flexing on this shit because my plays on SC look not that amazing but somehow I find that it gets around. Mysteriously. I dont make a fucking dime off it and I’m like ‘bruh im just playing MK JAM dog, did you get butt hurt cause you thought I didn’t know shit. Muh bad dog. I dont really give a damn” lol. Anyway, here are seme things “for reference” btw ytgtn lol /”…. c043

Anyway. I dont really have “hoop dreams.” I’m not “focused on my music” its just some shit I do when I need to relax. I work in IT and I love it. I’m really damn good at my job too. In fact, I often find people want to say I’m not keeping pace so then I just double “the pace” and then watch things really start to fall apart because they didn’t have a point to make other than some how my existence upset their ego. Regardless, if your looking for a person with tons of experience, strong leadership skills, a very much can do attitude who is resourceful and delvers a quality product with excellent customer service skills in an extremely timely fashion. I’m for sure your guy. If you where looking for a run of the mill employee to kind of annoy in your free time, I’ll probably make you cry and you’ll find your self constantly frustrated at your lack of understanding at the way the world works. So yeah, Questions? Oh yeah. I’m doing those. First I should eat and fold these clothes though. Well, its been about an hour and a half. Thought I would get back to work on this. Started chewing gum and going through questions and clipping them. It then, dawned on me, that my clothes, yeah still in the fucking dryer. Better go get those lol … other wise “they will wrinkle” …so i turned them back on and will go back over there in a few and see if they are warm and ready to be hung up neatly so I looke like an organized adult.

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Ok, buisness time, again. for real this time. First of all, we are back on some shit that like you actually have to deal with. Wireless networks! You will have to deal with these! you will not have to subnet a major metro area using IPv6 or figure out the number of host addresses for a football stadium if everyone has 1.7 devices and you need 3 subnets per deck lol

I think its B but damn, i should really really know this. Our wireless at work is slow as fuck. anyway.

ok, its dot 1 1 lol. how crazy is that. small world.

lol I mean, I would say C is a for sure good idea but I’m not sure if you have to do that.

I’m not sure this is true in all cases. Why would you do that? I have never heard of this. I have questions.

I have never heard of this before. A? No idea

K. I should really break all of those down but I’m going to wait for the VST to do that. Honestly, this cert is going to take like most of the year haha.

A, ok fine B

D? a repeater is like a range extender. I dont know. B or D is my guess.


So you have to have a device to connect to non wifi devices? what?

This was on the study prep for network+ but not actually on the test. They basically function as channels. and they are switchable. B-E seems right?

lol no clue. is this treble bleed?

That’s all for today. Had a great weekend!

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