Ch. 2 Basic IPv4 Access Control Lists

It’s been a productive day and I’m rounding it out with study. Wrote some riffs to chop up for a beat. Really enjoying the new guitar. This strat thing is aaaaammmazzzing. I also recorded using a mic across the room and it sounded great. Honestly had less than an hour in writing and recording but given that its going to be just bits in a 4-5 min composition that seems like a lot of time. Until you realize that playing guitar is actually a ton of fun and song writing is a really interesting thing when you start to uncover layers and ideas and so forth. I took a drug test this morning. Confident that I should pass and had PT training this morning as well. Went over good. I kind of realized that my fitness level is much higher than most of the people in the afternoon and it seems insane to do the things that I’m doing these days around people who are where I was like a year ago. Basically I’m doing cross fit that’s like a ton of upper body stuff and cardio with ropes, burpies and stairs. I can do sets fairly quick with a lot of reps without tiring. Anyway, I guess I like to stay busy so here we are, writing a blog post after basically writing an entire doom metal song and recording it on top of every thing else.

hahaha my last name is Barnes. That’s funny. Probably a coincidence. I have zero idea what a standard ACL could be configured to do. C&D?

good to know…./flushdns

what the hell does “valid number mean?

No clue what this is talking about.

I would assume D


This is kind of tuff. D is possible but I think its C but it could be A if pings first to last because its in that range.

Depends on the math we are using but I think its probably D

You know, i started with B but assumed that the .255 worked like a subnet ruling out all hosts addresses but its actually inversed.

I guess thats all for tonight. Here is one of my absolute favorite doom metal bands Gates of Slumber!

Honestly the records sound better but its still fun to see live shows. I saw them a few times but the first was in 2009 at this fest with a friend name phil lol great song title. … glad its fucking online.

Planet Caravan festival 2009

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