Ch. 4 – Security Architectures

It’s been slow going but you know, im studying. Sort of. Work has been somewhat busy and there is nothing else terribly exciting going on. Other than getting a new Dell AIO machine that’s 27 inches and has an amazingly fast processor. I did something on it that took 15-20 mins on my i7 m15 laptop purchased last year and it took like 30 seconds on this computer. I dont know if it had to do with SSD or the processor but I’m assuming both. Regardless, so far its amazing and has no issues displaying on my 28 inch monitor as well giving me a 27 inch screen and a 28 in screen. I also have been poking around in pro tools and trying to sort of learn it but I dont really think its going to work for me or really be super helpful. I haven’t spend much money on it. I bought like a 25 dollar copy of PT 12 on ebay. They offer a sub service and like other a trial period service so I probably did not need to “buy it” but regardless I’m having fun with it. I have a another copy installed. I also paid off last years furniture and got more of that this year. The payment is a little more than last year but the quality is much higher. I didnt really need a dresser but its super goth and perfect for my living space. It’s also 54% off and they had an open box deal on the only matching nightstand that was 40 dollars off so, ok. lol Anyway, its a year of paying off debt and eating cheaply. Not sure how much of my personal training contract is left but cant wait to be done with that. Let’s get into some questions here!


D, its worded funny though

a and b


I’m not familiar with this one. C?



Not sure what hes asking here. I’m only familiar with hosts on the subnet being assigned an “A” status


Well, glad I got that security+ lol, Anyway, going to the gym for a short run and then maybe doing another blog posts. Kind of behind on these things but I’ll get them down.

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